Updated Xbox Live Gamertags

Achernar Dni - Ryan Markel
Adree1 - Adree
Aenorn - Mastema
AngryCoder00 - Angrycoder
anoobis - NatCox
Arogan - Arogan
ARS Zerot - Zerot
asspennies - asspennies
Aszurom - Aszurom
Athryn - Athryn
Austentacious - Austen
Balut - balut
Baron Calamity - Rob_Merritt
BaronVonRocket - Crater
Barrett Blank - BarretBlank
Ben Sones - Ben Sones
BlueJackalope - BlueJackalope
BobJustBob - BobJustBob
Brakara - Brakara
Brendan - Other Brendan
Buliwyf - vizionblind
Capitol K - Keith
Capt Donut - GregB
Ceti eel - JMR
CGW Jeff - Jeff Green
CharlatanPrime - Charlatan
Cheerful Dub - ProStyle
ChristmasOnMars - Acid
ciparis - ciparis
CPaladino - CPaladino
Contrary Jackal - Anti-Bunny
Congregard - Congregard
copeknight - copeknight
Corvidae - Damien Neil
CrankyBaby - Podunk
Creole Ned - Creole Ned
crumpie - Mark Crump
cyclohexene - spence
d1rtn4p - McCrank
D3COMP - If I had a unicorn…
DaedalusForever - daedalus3
Dack Montana - ColonelT
DancinTedDanson - Theirry Nguyen
Dave Long - Dave Long
Deadbuffalo - Deadbuffalo
delirium266 - delirium
Demon G Sides - Demon G Sides
denoginizer - Pumpkinhead
dethmuffin - Frumple
devonrt - Zuwadza
dgallina - dgallina
DiffrnceEngine - BlakeD
Dispatcher - Kevin J Baird
divedivedive - Pogue Mahone
DocFoo - Fury
dodo of doom - Dean
Dr Preston - Jim Preston
Druv - Anders Hallin
drvital - Andrew Mayer
Drz190 - Vincent_GC
Dullspork - Jay Adan
DustyTheHamster - DustyTheHamster
earlocust - Jaysun
Echoes23 - makore
Editer - DennyA
ElDoradoJim - Jim Hoffman
ElenkisUK - NuclearWinter
emulsifier - Ezdaar
EnricPDX - HFL99
ErgoWill - Ergo
evilidler - EvilIdler
exswoo - Ex-S Woo
Falling Stance - Jonathan Blow
Falgo - Damien Falgoust
FaildRorschach - Moggraider
Felonious Monky - Tom McNamara
Fenris84 - fenrrris
Flyingwolf - Ben
FlyinJ Petrol - flyinj
ForgeForsaken - forgeforsaken
FreshQu33blets - Papageno
FriarCoop - Ephraim
fulci zombi - Moore
Funkula - Funkula
fuzzydevil - Fuzzydevil
fuzzyslug - fuzzyslug
Galaron - Jim Preston
Garoun - Garoun
George McBay - Coca Cola Zero
Gladguy - Gladguy
Glycerine74 - Glycerine
GoldenMonkeyPox - Traumahound
GrinR - GrinR
GSIScooter - Theirry Nguyen “Work” tag
Hank Nova - tim edwards
Happy Hedonist - The Bird Flu
Harkonis - Harkonis
Hexbit - Cubit
HighballManor - Yaltan
Hiro BC - SuperHiro
hjmadigan - Thrrrpptt!
HumpedZulu - TitoLandrum
HurkyMcMaster - Jason McMaster
IndridCold75 - IndridCold75
IronChef Korean - Greedo
IronFriar - Dave V
Islanti - Islanti
jab2565 - pfreak
JadedJonty - jemann
Jancelot - Jancelot
Japrufrock - Hanzii
JasonC - Jason Cross
Jazar - Jazar
jdura - joshdura
JesLarvis - LesJarvis
JetLaggerSix - JetLagger
Jim Crawford - jim crawford
Jodorowsky - z0diac
Joelev - Joel
Juste667 - Juste
Justin Fletcher - Justin Fletcher
Kadath - Kadath
KaigenSS - Kaigen
KeithRL - Post-It
Keldroc - MattKeil
Ketorolac - Keto
Killzig - Killzig
kitusj - Kitus J.
Korean B B Q - KoreanBBQ
L77tigator - Inevitability
LadyGuardian - LadyGuardian
LawGamerLand - Lando
LevelJunkie - Fugitive
LivinItUp - Mysterio
LIZRDKNG - Lizard_King
Lokust2501 - Lokust
LonelyGeekfest - biclops
Lorini - Lorini
lynxara - Lynxara
madkevin - madkevin
Marcus StClair - Marcus
MattScry - Scry
Menzo1337 - Menzo
Meursault - Aleck
Mike Cathcart - Mike Cathcart
Mink Staccato - Mink Staccato
Mirlen - Mirlen
MonkeyBunker - Union Carbide
MonkeyPunky - MonkeyPunky
Mojo Zomg - mojovonio
Mr Stone - Jake Plane
MSUStud - MSUSteve
Mysterywisc - mystery
nife2o4 - nife2o4
nlanza - nlanza
NO CONNECT - Wheelkick
No Depth - BDGE
nooten - nutsak
Not One Of Us - Not One Of Us
noundamus - noun
Null Actor - Charles
NYCTriggerHappy - TriggerHappy
O R A C L E - Oracle (deceased. In the Xbox Live sense.)
o Vesper o - Vesper
Orf BC - Orpheo
Outsyder - SexyJosh
PanicKing - PanicKing
PCG SimGuy - Andy Mahood
Peter Jones - BlueDev
PolygonalPain - Claycw
Philosophist - philosophist
psu13 - psu_13
PublishinPeace - McBain
Qorgyle - Marcin
Quadraspazzer - Marsh Davies
QuantumTroy - tmastern
Quatoria - quatoria
Rasputin Jim - rasputin
Reedx - Reed
Reemul 9 - Reemul
Reldan - Reldan
Rimbosity - Rimbo
Rjcc - rjcc
roberdjp - JPR
Rock8mnky - Rock8man
Rodeolio - RepoMan
Rorschach Six - Rorschach
rowe33 - rowe33
S Holt - jeffd
SA Maddness - Maddness
salwon - salwon
Saxeh - Saxeh_72
Schmidt - Wholly Schmidt
senza occhi - sara tonin
Shadarr - shadarr
shangius - shang
Shieldwolf - Shieldwolf
SimplyCosmic - Derek Meister
Sinjun13 - Mattbear
skedastic - skedastic
Skumzilla - JM
Skystride - skyride
slantz - Hiro_Antagonist
SleepySid - Torbe
Snarglebargle - Dave Weinstein
SpielerDrei - Arioch
SpoofyChop - SpoofyChop
SqueakyFoo - SqueakyFoo
Squirrel Killer - Squirrel Killer
Stuperhero - RobotPants
Subt3xt - metta
Sun El - tombstone
Svenuce - sventest
Taheca - msdoran
Talisker 18 - Talisker
tenjackten - RickH
The Dispatcher - DragonPup
the implausible - Rogen
TheDesslock - Desslock
TheSample - MrAnderson
thinkjose - Jose Liz
tomchick - Tom Chick
TommyTutone - LionelThompson
Tristero - JamesG
tromik - tromik
troysg - Troy S Goodfellow
ttrain81 - Tom Ohle
TvsWanderer - Thomas Wilde
Two Nine Actual - Adam Altmann
txjoe - notatiger
UncleSmoothie - Jack LeMaster
UKR Ad - playingwithknives
Valiumaddict - Equis
Vector Mangler - Kraaze
VegasLife - VegasRobb
voltaic702 - shift6
WAFWOM - Skipper
WarrenM - EpicBoy
Whitta - Gary Whitta
Willtuck - Poops McGee
Wolff Walker - Wolff
Wonginator - Roger Wong
worm4real - worm
Xaroc - Xaroc
Xemu - Xemu
XPav XXIV - Xpav
YankeeFan4444- Simpilot
zabuni - zabuni
ZekeDMS - ZekeDMS
Zephyr4242 - Zephyr

Compiled from the Xbox360 gamertag thread, and a quick skimming of the recent Chromehounds threads. Let me know of any omissions, corrections, or removals necessary and I’ll try to keep it up to date. Gamertag is listed first, then forum name. And if I botched alphabetical order anywhere, don’t laugh too much.

That was very nice of you to put together. Thank you.

Edit: Sorry, I’m entirely sincere in the sentiment of the sentence above. However, after clicking the “Send” button the grammar looks horribly wrong. Yet, I can’t figure out how to fix it.

That was great of you to put that together. Thanks!

Thanks for putting that together!

It’s great! And nice of you!

Wow, extremely helpful, thanks. As a small aside, when MS came through the studio about a month back I asked them for a client-side-only note function that allows you to take a gamertag and “rename” it, but it will only be a local change to the appearance of the tags. I have lots of people on my friends list that I can’t even remember who the hell they are, and my Gamertag is no better. I kinda prefer it when people put some part of their real name in their tag, so I can remember who they are. MS said they’d think about it and, of course, for many tags it’s not really an issue as I don’t have too much trouble remembering that balut is, uh, balut’s gamertag. :)

I’m thinking about coughing up the $10 on live to change my gamertag to something a little more representative because others have asked the same of me.

For you to put together is nice. Greetz.

Mine’s (Japrufrock) isn’t active - it was a borrowed 360 and the bastards wanted it back…

Thanks for the list!

Add my tag if you would… Islanti.


An excellent list, great work!

I’ve been considering changing my Gamertag to something closer to my name here on Qt3, but I keep thinking about the cost, and how much I’d rather spend the $10 or so on something else.

So, a question. Is it a bad thing to have a radically different gamertag than forum name or does it not make a difference? I’m particularly curious because in my case, the vast majority of people on my friends list are from this forum. This isn’t surprising because, unfortunately, few of my real world friends are gamers, and those who are, well, they’re Sony fans.

cough Bastard Sony Fans Cough

Well, you could give up your post count here, and start a new one under Tom’s okay, or you could cough up your 10 Dollars for a name change.

SO YOU ARE FRIAR COOP! You are always in Windows Media Player when I’m on…

Mine’s not too hard to forget (The same here as on my Tag)

Thanks for the List! I now know who the few of you who are on my list (You guys keep deleting me off… cries) is. Anyone here Pugily Snaps?


My tag is Enigmus.

Mr. Entity? Is there any way this could become a sticky? One that could be edited would be ideal. Alternatively, someone could be the designated editor for additions (Schmidt?).

You missed mine :)

it’s MattScry.

You’re welcome. Looking at it here on the forum, I’m thinking alphabetic by forum name would’ve made more sense, but I’m gonna use it to figure out who’s who on my Xbox list, so Gamertag made more sense at the time.

Yeah, I knew I was missing yours, I saw you talking about Chromehounds, but couldn’t track down where you said what your tag was.

Whee! I just went ahead and added all of you guys to my friends list. A couple of these names came up as not found, if I was smart, I would’ve copied them down.

Mine = S Holt

Me = Rasputin Jim

Switched my gamertag to “Qenan”, although I haven’t been on much of late.

Great and thanks. I was just thinking I needed to add more of you guys. I’ll take it as a sign.