Updated Xbox Live Gamertags


How can you switch your gametag? Did you just cancel your account and start a new one?

I ask as someone who has a tag but it doesn’t match up to his Qt3 name.

You can change your name for a fee ($10 I believe) via the Dashboard.

Tempting. I picked my screen name when I noticed once that in the background of Al Gore’s home an Xbox was clearly visible. I presume it was for his son but on the off chance it was his, I used his secret service code name (Robert Stone - which I shortened to Mr Stone).

It just amused me to imagine the former Vice President of the United States annoyed that anyone would have it.

Yep. Can’t remember, but I think it was less than $10 – maybe $6 or $8.

Gamertag: Squirrel Killer
Platform: Xbox 1.0

Status: n00b

I’m another leper. Gamertag: Meursault

Although I’m told one of my close friends who reads Qt3 won enough in Atlantic City this weekend that he’s thinking about giving me an Xbox 360… (hint hint hint)

Hey Xbox 1 plebs, get your own f-cking thread.

Thanks to fortuna and some drunk betting at blackjack, by September 1st, Meursault will be one of us.

Until then, you can call him a fucking plebe all you want.

Jake “a mixed blessing kind of friend” Plane

Charles - Null Actor

And if anyone adds me to their friends list, make sure to mention who you are on Qt3, or I will reject you. Don’t like having people I don’t know on my friends list.

Ah, almost forgot you guys since I was browsing at work when I saw today’s posts, updated now.

Just got my 360 this weekend for Dead Rising and Chromehounds. My GamerTag is earlocust.

Mirlen - Mirlen

Easy huh?

I got a friend request from you but I had/have no idea who you are so it’s not been responded to as yet.

This is my first post here, so hello everyone! I haven’t had much time to do anything but work as of the last few weeks, but I’d love to throw down on some Table Tennis.

The Bird Flu = Happy Hedonist

Updated. Also, this list is pretty huge. If somebody turns down a friend request, don’t be offended if “But I’m from Qt3!” isn’t enough to make them reconsider. By my quick count, we’ve got 83 names there, and with a 100 person cap on friends lists, it’s hardly incoceivable that some of us won’t have room for everyone from Qt3 plus their other friends.

What do you mean, other friends?

Mirlen’s in 2.45 in Chromehounds. He’s a friend of Dusty

Finally got the 360 gamertag is

Marcus StClair

me = nooten