Upgrade advice

My current system is a Socket 478 P4 3.2 Ghz on an Abit Vt7 . This MB uses DDR 400 of which I have four 512 mb sticks. It’s an AGP motherboard that’s about two years old.

If I wanted to ugrade to a PCI-E motherboard and a new graphics card, is there anything I could buy that would support my old memory and my old CPU or am I screwed?


Seems like false economy, though. I’d give the old computer to your cousin barbara to look up recipes online and buy a new one.

Agreed. Spoofy, if want PCI-e, you’re better off flushing the system and replacing it wholesale. Or sit tight, squeeze another year out of your system, and then flush it. Why go to all that bother, keeping your old slow RAM and old slow CPU, just to upgrade a video card? When you finally want to do a real upgrade, you’re just going to have to replace the motherboard again, most likely.

And as we’ve established elsewhere, an AGP Radeon X1950 Pro will inject new life into a 3.2GHz P4 for ~$200: not as good as a full-fledged system upgrade, obviously, but much cheaper as well.

OK thanks for the advice everybody. If I do do an upgrade I guess I’ll probably do the x1950 later this year.

After that it’s begging for system components for Christmas 2007