Upgrade - the movie - I actually asked for this

Not often do I see a movie at home first that I actually want to go see in a theater again, but this one does it. It looks like a simple revenge flick with some cyberpunk coating - and it is, very reminiscent of Deus Ex Human Revolution in some respects - but at the same time it is quite a bit more. Its ending certainly left an impact and I want to watch it again with it in mind.
Fantastic soundtrack, inventive well choreographed action, no violence censorship, and Logan-Marshall Green is awesome as always (you need to watch Quarry if you haven’t already).
Definitely hope Whannell decides to explore this world more in the future.
Also, give me that god damn Cyberpunk 2077 already CDP huh?

Neat - where can one watch this?

Officially? It comes out on bluray in two days. In theatres it already had its limited run in the US, in my local cinema it will start being shown in four days, looking forward to it.
I saw it from unofficial source though, just on a whim when I was downloading The 100 morons episode.

Yeah, this looks really fun.

I don’t understand this - what is an “unofficial source”? You mean like an Amazon digital?

I did watch it in theaters and liked it considerably. The hero being completely paralyzed without the upgrade was a nice dynamic. It also has a realistic view of a near-future world, where a lot of people live in total poverty while others zoom around in self-driving cars.

Hmm, looks pretty cool!

Guessing slightly less official than that.


Stole it from a dead hooker?

It’s available for streaming on Amazon.com.

It’s also one of the many movies buried in that godawful “movies that don’t need their own thread” discussion, where no one will ever find it.


A must thread for people on the cutting edge of bad cinema.

Cute :)
I searched for it on netflix but didn’t find it there and I don’t have amazon.

Yeah before making the thread I searched and only found that one. Good movies deserve their own.

I only saw that trailer now, and wow, what an awesome trailer. At the same time I am glad I didn’t see it beforehand, all the brutality felt very impactful when I didn’t know about it beforehand.

Yeah, as usual, the trailer diminishes the experience of watching the movie. It’s a real joy to discover the premise along with the main character. We’re doing it for the podcast next week, and I was bummed to hear one of the other guys has watched the trailer.


They stuck that one trailer with the guy fighting the assassin in his apartment in front of pretty much every YouTube video I watched for at least a week. It was kind of hard to miss.