Upgraded just now

If you see anything broke let me know.

This is the 5th one tonight and I haven’t seen any issues, so all should be good (past thelong pause a few minutes ago). But if you see anything let me know.



I had to re-login this morning.

I had to log in again as well. Is everything broken for everyone else too?

I also had to re-log in. I don’t know where you get off shipping this buggy, unfinished product. Browsing on a console is so much easier. PCs ARE DOMED.

Yeah, I expect a little better service when I’m paying a monthly fee!

I can no longer resolve www.quartertothree.com from several hosts on the internet, including my work host and a couple of clients. Someone fucked up your dns. Host lookups using the source ns1.nomserveur.com work, so I just added www.quartertothree.com

to my hosts file and can get to the site again. Of course I doubt that anyone else can, but when DNS works again in 6 hours you’ll all read this and be astounded by my brilliance.

Working here.

yeah, ditto. I’m having no DNS trouble through either of the ISPs I use (home and work)

Just tried a bunch of clients, none of them could resolve the site. Your work and ISP’s must have much longer TTL’s than mine.

Nothing on the DNS changed just a certain someone is having a problem renewing the domain… hopefully will be resolved soon.

The relogin is required because of a security update.

The two are unconnected, just odd timing.


Ahh yes I see, the domain expired oct 25th.

Usually you get a 5-7 day grace period, then the domain is deactivated in a 30 day redemption period where you have to pay more to renew, then it’s free to be bought out by another party. If the rest of y’all can still see this, you might want to copy my hosts line just in case.

QT3 seems to be up and down like a whore’s drawers today.

I blame Steam.

I blame George Bush.

I blame the bird flu.