Upgrading the HQ, love me some home improvement.

How is a Slayer concert not winning?

Definitely be the head bangin’est group of cowboys anyone ever saw.

Add Far Cry New Dawn’s base Prosperity to the list.

Also Division 2 will have the White House as its main base of operations to upgrade.

Not just the White House, but several satellite civilian communities will be upgradable.

And Anthem kind of lets you upgrade Fort Tarsis, as you improve status with the factions. There’s even a fountain you can clean!

Ooooh very nice @divedivedive , I wasn’t aware of that in the Division 2.

Do not forget the railing, or there will be accidents.

State of Decay 2?

Wait, this thread isn’t about real home improvement projects?

Wow, those graphics are nice. I will likely not own good enough hardware for another decade though.


(Ignoring the fact that the game was released on a console and not PC.)

I have no idea, but I am gonna do them all as its my favorite part of games that offer it!

Anyone new Upgradable base games since the last post?

Are there any space sims with upgradable bases?

I thought of IWar2, but IIRC you can’t upgrade the base, only the ship. The base is still awesome, though.

The mothership in Homeworld also doesn’t count since it’s not stationary. Plus the upgrades are all kind of combat related.

Startopia, but that’s probably not quite what you were asking for (but worth playing!)

AI War. Not a space sim, but neither is Homeworld.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a base you can upgrade through missions.

Nice, glad to see more games doing that.

Any reports in from Greedfall / Gears 5 / Borderlands 3? Have any of them a base or hq that you can improve?

No idea, but Queen’s Wish by Vogel’s Spiderweb Software not only has a fort you can (capture and) improve, it has a whole bunch of them. And various improvements not only upgrade the fort itself, but affect security of the region, quality of store inventories, gold and resource income, aesthetics, and your own party’s combat readiness, and more.

I’m not 100% through it, but not far from it and thus far Borderlands 3 allows very minor cosmetic upgrades to the home base (Sanctuary.)

I don’t believe there’s anything like that in Greedfall.

Yea, Greedfall doesn’t have a base to upgrade.