Upgrading the HQ, love me some home improvement.

Not sure if this counts, but there is a mod for Skyrim called Legacy of the Dragonborn. It is a museum in Solitude where it provides a place to display all of the unique items found throughout Skyrim, including a library for the books, nature displays for animals (crafted with animal ingredients) an armory decked out with manniquins, and displays for all the regular items found. Quite a nice mod, and I really enjoy trying to build up that museum and having/finding more items to display.

This is my favorite of the recent ones. Man, I really need to dig back in and finish this now.

Also, Pillars of Eternity has you rebuilding an ancient keep and exploring its depths as you add on structures as a very important B-plot during the main game.

I was a backer of Pillars, haven’t touched it yet, but its getting moved up to the near top of my “to play” list.

Love this thread so much, as this is far and away my favorite mechanic in games, and sometimes its so under-publicized. Thanks to this thread, my Steam wish list is growing!

As a side note, but this is also one of my favorite things to implement in tabletop gaming. e.g. https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/comments/4soihw/has_anyone_runplayed_a_campaign_where_the_players/

For instance, my players in the homebrew scifi-comedy game I run called Spaceward, Ho! have been slowly improving their ship–an old racing vessel renamed from the Silver Bullet to the Savage Heart–over the course of the campaign as they make friends and enemies across the galaxy.

Most recently, after aiding an enormous, planet-sized sapient plant repair itself to the point it could begin budding new offspring again, the crew gained a new ship-part from this “Seed-Mother.” The medical officer, Bliss, had been such a help despite her limited facilities aboard the Savage Heart that the Seed Mother game her a Lab-Seed, which, if planted in an unused room, will eventually grow into a full-scale bio-lab. Meanwhile, the captain was given a Regrowth Matrix, a specialized tech used by the plant species’ ships to repair themselves mid-battle. If the wrap-up their current quest arc successfully, they’re on lock to receive a pair of nigh-indestructible HyperDrills to attach to the ship’s external Battle-Arms (shamelessly stolen from Outlaw Star).

Sorry for tangent, but like @lordkosc and @triggercut, I actually really like this mechanic a lot, so incorporating it into my non-digital gaming has become a real passion of mine :)

Incidentally, we had a similar discussion a while back about a similar topic, may help with decision making. Reminded me that AC3 let you build an entire town for yourself, pretty much.

Edit: whoops, looks like the copy grabbed my post from the thread, but the whole thing is worth a look.

Ah a thread from 2013, search failed me!

One of the best older games with this mechanic was the original Guild game. It’s still there in the Guild 2 implementations, but those games are so cluttered with poor gameplay decisions that it’s hard to recommend them.

Still, I’m holding out hope that Guild 3 in 2017 is a sleeper hit.

One of my all time favorite things in games! I still fondly remember the player housing and player cities in Star Wars:Galaxies. I still don’t think that game has been beat in that category yet. But any game where I can upgrade a base or build a spot of my own is a huge bonus for me. I’ve been putting off Pillars of Eternity until it was all said and done, but now that I know it has a base and a questline to go with it, I’m bumping it up the list.

Dragon Age Inquisition sort of filled this need for me.

Divinity: Original Sin has what you’re talking about.

Well then. THERE’s the motivation I need to finally get past tutorial dungeonville.

Yeah I bought that because a friend wanted to try out co-op and man is it not grabbing me. I hate having to motivate myself to play a game.

Evil Genius is kind of cheating, for the same reason I didn’t nominate Dungeon Keeper. Building the base is the main game. The missions are just something you do so you can build a better base.

I think Reign and Serenity tabletop rpgs both cover base building to a good extent if you ever want a prebuilt system that handles it. Of course, I’m sure you already knew those, since your rpg knowledge dwarfs mine. :)

This was actually entirely new to me, but skimming some details online makes it sound pretty neat. I’d heard a lot of good things about Monsters and Other Childish Things, another One Roll Engine game, so I may well give this a read.

At present, for player orgs, I just steal rules from the Mindjammer Fate version, and for the ship stuff I mentioned upthread, I’m mostly just using the Fate Fractal to represent ships as characters and have the crew up the ships’ skills and add stunts/extras to it to “flesh it out” and fill in rooms/tools/weapons/etc. as they go.

But if/when I ever get my infamous JRPG-as-Tabletop-RPG game off the ground, I may well want something more pre-designed. . .

Also forgot to include MAD MAX , there are a few bases you get to upgrade areas of, and its awesome to see them transform.

Wow I forgot Mad Max too. That’s four different bases you can work on upgrading right there.

Dragon Quest Builders or Dark Cloud 2/3?