Upgrading the HQ, love me some home improvement.

Sold! Excellent description.

There is a mod for Fallout 4 that has pulled me back in for the base building aspect. It’s called “Sim Settlements” and it’s just…yeah, it’s what the base building should have been all along. You can “zone” areas in your settlements in to residential, commercial, farming, etc. and your inhabitants will then build their own buildings that conform with those zonings. So you can zone an area as residential and your folks will build themselves houses, decorate them, furnish them, everything. The really fun thing is that, over time, they will improve the buildings. Houses get bigger and better furnished. Commercial areas expand and bring in bigger/better stores. They will wire up the inside of buildings and install lighting.

You’re still responsible for things like water purifiers and electrical generators. However, on the electricity front, the zones will build power poles that you can connect to that will power up that whole zone, so you don’t have to fiddle around with powering each place; you just attach them to your power grid and that zone is now up and running.

You also get to collect taxes and adjust tax rates, which means that settlements actually contribute something to your efforts.

If there are individual areas you prefer to keep control over how they look, like if you want to build a mansion for someone or whatnot, you can still use the standard base controls to construct it; just don’t zone an area and build stuff yourself in that corner of the settlement.

Anyway, if you’re in to the base building of Fallout 4, take a look at Sim Settlements.

That sounds really cool, will have to keep that in mind for a future replay.

A couple games that had basic town upgrade mechanics that I liked were Mad Max and FarCry Primal. They were both the classic “bring in supplies and the town gets bigger” base management but in both games I really enjoyed seeing the bases get more built up and busier with more residents etc. Primal had your own village to grow while Mad Max had a base in every major area so you wound up doing like four of them I think. All in all I think they added some good stuff to both games.

So was anything released in April/May/June that had any form of HQ upgrading /repair? I can’t think of anything.

Fortnite is coming out soon, which will have a persistent home base for players to build and defend.

Well not completely new, but the Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Crimson Court, added an additional system to the town upgrading part of the game. You now get blueprints from the tier 2+ bosses that let you build from a selection of new buildings that give a variety of buffs to the village and the various classes. All in all a nice additional layer to the persistent town upgrades.

With the Sign of the Times DLC for Mafia 3, you now have a place to chill out at and upgrade!

Side note…

I am gonna assume in the upcoming Assasins Creed Origins you will be able to renovate a pyramid. :p

@lordkosc lol check out Holy Potatoes We’re in Space you can upgrade your ship also wtf is that title???

I was not aware of that Armando, I enjoyed the upgrading that was in the first potatoes game!

Whats wrong with my title? D:

I meant the title of the game, not the thread. This thread title is great!

See, it’s part of a series along with Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! where the characters’ names are spud puns on “famous” people but hopefully this game is better because Weapon Shop was firmly mediocre.

Great thread. I love games with base building myself, they feel so satisfying.

Since i am an old relic of a gamer, i will propose Suikoden 1 and 2. Some of my favourite PS1 games, and vastly underrated. Both featured a castle that you could upgrade bit by bit as you went around gathering rebels and mustering your forces for your inevitable clash with enemy generals and a corrupted empire. The building gameplay is not deep enough, seeing as these are simple jrpgs from an earlier era, but the feeling of a home base that you keep expanding is there, and it feels really good. These games have aged quite decently due to 2D graphics, and are quite fun even today with some great plots. They are perfectly playable on emulators.

From this era, you could also try Jagged Alliance 2 and Xcom Apocalypse (hugely underrated, best of the old xcoms in my book). Great games with excellent sense of base building. Technically in JA2 you don’t build bases, you just upgrade the militia and establish your control on pre-existent towns/mines/bases/airports, but it feels the same.

Yeah i know, old games but goodies. Someone had to propose them :P. If you can stomach the older graphics and don’t mind playing games that belong in a museum, they are quite fun.

As for newer games, most have been proposed already. Some assassin creed games have some form of base building but i didn’t like it much. It felt tucked on. Fallout 4 has really good settlement building and if creativity is too much for you there is the sim settlements mod that takes care of it. You just place “zones” like in sim city and the stuff get put there automatically for you. Try watching a couple of videos on youtube, you might get sold on the idea.

I really feel there is an empty space for a good video game that exploits this idea of a home base properly, and isn’t a strategy game. Most modern games feature a home base that doesn’t feel really important but more of an afterthought.

I just want a game like the Suikodens i mentioned earlier, but in modern 3D, with an open world, and some more developed castle building. Imagine you are the leader of a rebel fuction in the centre of a hostile empire, and you have a castle there you can upgrade to better serve your RPG exploits and better train armies for army vs army action. We need to kickstart such a game :P

Going back to a city that you’ve liberated and seeing your militia patrolling the streets is, as Tom would say, so gratifying. Seeing the game world react to my actions and change is a lot better than just getting a cut scene or an achievement telling me I did a good job.

I couldn’t agree more!

Every time I glance at this thread I think of another game that has a home base. Last couple posts reminde me of The Bureau: Xcom Declassified, which I don’t think many people but myself enjoyed. It did have a cool '50s style military/FBI type base.

holy potatoes! thanks for the recommendation of that indie gem. bought and will …uh play later. hopefully.

pokes thread

Any new games that can be added to this topic?

Vermintide 2 has the keep where your rooms for characters unlock at level 10 of each character, also I noticed the armory changes as you unlock more weapons. It seems to just change the more you play and unlock. Still it looks nice and adds some lived in feel to the place. :)

Metal Gear Survive has a whole lotta base management! Also, Kingdom Death: Monster.


If you’re into JRPGs, Ni No Kuni 2 has an upgradable town that you enhance using loot you collect during quests.

Is this character based, like you recruit peeps to the kingdom or something?

Unfortunately, when I played PoE the upgrades were kind of useless. Has it changed since release?

Also, unique weapons weren’t that great since you could craft better ones.