Upgrading Xbox 360 from 20gb to 60gb

Yeah I think the smart play now is the 120gb. When my launch system eventually craps out I’ll pick up a $199 Arcade and bolt the big drive onto that.

Just a warning. I bought the retail 120gb upgrade a long time ago which came with the transfer cable and disc. I let a friend borrow it who wanted to upgrade from his 20gb to a 60gb, and it did NOT work. Apparently there is some weird compatibility issue. Anyways, he ended up getting a 120gb used from gamestop instead, and the transfer cable worked fine on that.

Really? That’s fucked up. It never occured to me that the transfer cable kit might be 120 gb only.

I don’t know if that’s necessarily the issue. I bought a 120 GB drive, and the transfer cable and software disc that came with it didn’t work for me. It just kept giving me the same error over and over, about 75% of the way through the process, so even getting error took a looooong time. I tried for 24 hours. Eventually I gave up, and I had to transfer what I could using my memory card.

So it could be that ARogan’s friend was getting that same error that I was getting?

I had issues with my transfer as well, I was given a message of “some files were corrupted and couldn’t be transferred” - so far, I haven’t found anything that’s missing. I was a retard though and used one of the front ports, against the explicit instructions that come with the drive/transfer cable, so maybe that didn’t help things (also, using the front port is slow as hell).

Just grabbed a 120Gb unit from a nearby Circuit City that’s closing down with everything in the store 20% off. Nice!

Thanks to everyone who offered to let me borrow their transfer cable :)

Let me borrow yours when you get it thanks!

Van Ness one? If so, is there a chance of them having more 120gb drives, or would they be cleaned out by now?

No, this was up by San Rafael. They did have more though.

I’ve got that message and so did my friend but that wasn’t a show stopper. In fact, I didn’t notice any issues even with that error message.

Apparently the software disc for the transfer process has been updated since the original 120gb release:
So I guess my cable is OK but the disc that came with it is outdated.

An outdated software disc! That would explain why my transfer didn’t work. I’m guessing my 120 GB drive was one of the older ones, since I got it when it was an Amazon DotD, back when it used to be much more expensive, but for that day it was $120, so I’m guessing they were clearing old inventory. Since then the price has dropped to $140, and $120 doesn’t sound like that super of a deal.

After ordering a 60GB model from Dell, I just called 800-4MY-XBOX, told the guy what I needed and they’re going to send me a cable. Seems easier than filling out their paper form and mailing/faxing it to them. They did say it’ll take a couple weeks to get here. I didn’t even have to provide any proof I had a second console to get this cable, so if you’re thinking about upgrading you could just ask for one now (free of charge) for when and if you do need it in the future.

Here’s the REAL question. I’m willing re-download everything from the marketplace if I have to. BUT, what if it doesn’t regularly appear on the marketplace? I just transfered my ACDC songs over to my HD - how would I redownload those? or would I be forced to use the cable?

You can re-download anything in your Download History (under Account Management).