Uplay Tries To Beat Origin At Trying To Beat Steam


It’s only been 11 years since that abomination.


I finally find myself needing an Uplay account. And this signup process is just a thing of beauty: most input fields in German, some in English, and others in French.


With quality control like this, I’m expecting great things once I actually manage to create an account and try to use it. Though that will mean blinding accepting the terms and conditions I couldn’t possibly understand since I don’t speak any French (and don’t live in a French-speaking part of the country either, which Ubisoft clearly have detected correctly since the majority of the inputs is in German).


Oh, good grief. So I make the account, and click on the button that looks like it should be the account settings. It directs to another website (“Club Ubisoft”) which doesn’t share the login information. That turns out to be where you update some sort of settings, but not the language. After some Googling, I find that there’s a third totally separate website (“Account management”) that appears to not be linked from Uplay. Of course it too requires a separate login.

On that site I’ve located the widget that can be used to update the language, but I can’t change it without giving Ubisoft personal information that I would never give them. Try to change the language and save, and it gives an error message requiring filling in e.g. gender. (Everything about this site is so amateurish that it’s clearly a data breach waiting to happen at any moment; they will get nothing except my email address).

But at least visiting this hidden page allowed me to untoggle the “please send me spam about exclusive offers” checkbox that I was not asked up front about during the account creation process.

Throughout this, all but one of these separate websites are complaining that I haven’t verified my email even though I did that first thing. I sure hope they don’t all require separate email verification, but at this point I would not be surprised.


It’s almost as if people who don’t like UPlay have a reason not to like it…

Seriously though I am sorry you’re having trouble with it. I’m not a fan either but for reasons not having to do with language. The separate website thing I might have dealt with years ago. I know i have to log into the website sometimes which is… well not required at all by Steam.


Even if a website asks you for personal information, there is no reason for the information you give them to be correct.

Pretty sure Ubisoft thinks I’m 100 years old from Eastern Europe.


Last Christmas I bought 2 copies of the division on Steam and gifted one to my son. I created a uplay account for him and all was well.

Today I found R6 Las Vegas 2 on uplay for a little more than £3 so I bought myself a copy and wanted to gift a copy to my son.

No can do. Uplay doesn’t support gifting. Fair enough. I logged to his account to buy it from there but the ‘shop’ tab is missing.

Turns out having all your games purchased outside of the uplay client, locks you out of buying directly on the client. I’m assuming that this cunning plan was devised by an infiltrator, otherwise I just can’t fathom how it came to be.

I’m guessing the real reason is that the client lacks some first purchase functionality, maybe something to do with payment method verification. Very poor I think.


Try the Ubistore website?


This is something that was bugging me, so I’m glad I’m not the only one. I bought my uplay games via Steam and when I tried to buy the new Far Cry 5 spinoff game I had to go to Steam because uplay wouldn’t give me an option to buy anything, either. So bizarre.


Yes, i didn’t mention that i did that, and the ‘shop’ tab appeared. It’s just a lazy gap. Sending customers to an external website or worse yet to a competitor is not going to make uplay more popular.


There seems to be two different Uplay clients. One that is started automatically when you launch a Uplay game from Steam, and one that you can start manually through Windows. For some reason, the former does not have the store, while the latter does (at least for me). So I suggest closing down Uplay, and try starting it manually.


Mmm that sounds like maybe there was specific terms between Valve and Ubisoft, where games in Steam can’t open up a competing store, they did a workaround with that second version of Uplay without the option to buy games.


Hmm, I launch uplay via an icon on the desktop. Might there be two executables, somewhere?


Reminder , some of your club units could expire soon.

There is a transition period: you have from now until March 31, 2019 to redeem the Club Units you acquired on or before March 31, 2017.


It still amazes me that they are doing this. It’s so unnecessary.


My guess is the problem is you can trade club points for a 20% discount coupon, meaning they have actual real-world value, so if they let them accumulate indefinitely that complicates their bookkeeping. I would prefer they just remove the coupon.


Agreed. Considering the coupon can’t be used during sales, it’s less than useless to me.


That seems like the only possible thing that they could be reacting to, but it’s just a 20% off coupon that doesn’t work on sales. Hardly worth fussing about, IMO.


The only good thing that 20% voucher was useful for is season pass buying since those things are never on sale.


I used it on Far Cry 5 during the sale.


One last reminder that old Uplay coin things will be gone in 1 week, so get your balance down. :)