UPN Network picture quality here is horrendous

I have Directv and all my channels look nice and crisp, and they also all sound crystal clear… all of them except UPN (WXSP in West Michigan). The picture and sound quality harken back to the age of tinsel and rabbit ears. It’s the same way on every tv I’ve seen in the area whether satellite or broadcast air.

Has anyone else noticed UPN or WB channels of inferior picture/sound quality? I’ve notified Directv several times since eveything is supposed to be guaranteed digital - but they said it’s beyond their control.

I never cared before except now I really like “Everybody Hates Chris”, and once in a while watch hockey on it - and I feel like I can count the fuzz particles.

I don’t know about UPN, but from watching the football playoffs the past few weeks, FOX’s HD is much better quality than CBS’.

NBC, I think, has the best quality. FOX, CBS, and ABC are a second. WB is a third, and UPN has a notable drop in quality.

I don’t have HD… this is just normal tv. I’ve notcied thsi whether they’re airing on Comcast, Dish Network, Directv, or over the air. I thought all this stuff was standardized (between channels)?

It’s just dependent on the quality of your local affiliate’s broadcast. DirectTV is doing you a favor by offering local stations, but they’re at the mercy of the signal those stations actually put in the air. You might be able to add network superstations to your package, basically network affiliates out of NY or LA which could look better, but which would be in a different time zone.

I see. Thanks!

Maybe after they merge the channels the new picture will look even better! You know, even on my cable the local channels look like crap in many cases. It’s very odd. I miss DirecTV a lot… :(

Maybe it’s DirectTV’s way of telling you not to pollute your television with the dreck that UPN airs.

Not to diss on your experience watching America’s Next Top Model or anything…

It’s UPN, it’s not like you’re missing anything. The channel will be dead soon anyway.

I like “Everybody Hates Chris” and a few sport programs. Since when was hockey a tv pollution device?