UPS (power supply) question

My current APC BackUPS 1000 is dying – I don’t know what the problem is, but it’s something Very Bad I think, since it emits this high pitched warble/scream whenever it goes to battery, with no lights or anything. I THOUGHT it might be the batteries, but they’re brand new, and the manuals don’t state anything else about them.

So I’m going to get a new UPS since this thing is like 5 years old anyway. Originally I was going to get a SmartUPS 1000, but that’s like $360 with their trade in program – I could get a BackUPS 900 + BackUPS 1200 for less. This seems like a better deal – it’s more flexible and easier to carry stuff around, and I would seem to get a better overall run time.

Anyone have any ideas on whether this is a good or bad direction to go?

Don’t buy a 1000va UPS unless you actually need that many minutes of power protection. Buy one smaller (400-600va) UPS for each computer you need to protect. Plug monitors, speakers, and printers into the surge arrest outlets. Take advantage of the APC factory outlet for some really good deals. They’re called refurbs but 99% of the time are new and the other 1% still have new batteries, which is all that matters.

Don’t buy the back ups office line, they’re garbage.

Even if it’s over 5 years old or whatever, go to the APC website and see if it’s still under warranty. Some of the UPS units we had that were very old were also under warranty. The current warranty period is 2 years, but I think at one time it may have been longer. Anyway, it’s worth checking, their returns service is excellent.

I use a Back-UPS 1000 XS and have had no problems with it in two years. We use SmartUPS 1500’s at the office and those give me more headaches. But when out generator has to kick on, the power isn’t as clean, so it probably takes a toll on the units. Had one go bad, and one lose a battery just last week.


The body of the unit is under warranty but the battery isn’t. These things don’t last more than 1-2 years before they start acting up. It isn’t worthwhile to replace the battery when you can buy an entire new UPS so cheaply.

Not quite true. A brand new UPS, even a cheap one, is going to be $150+, whereas a replacement battery can be had for as low as $30 depending on the model and where you get it from (APC is notoriously overpriced).

A “factory refurbished” (likely new) UPS from my link above costs $45; $30 for an unsupported aftermarket replacement battery doesn’t sound like a great deal to me unless you actually need 1000va.