Ur-Quan Masters now with networked Super Melee!

I was pleasantly surprised when I idly checked and discovered that the newest version of Ur-Quan Masters, the open-source port of the ancient but awesome Star Control II, now lets you duke it out online with one other player in the SC2 signature melee ship combat.

In other words, I challenge you (yes, you) to a space-duel! Come on, I know there are people who love this game. Let’s try it out soon.

Edit: the interface looks pretty straightforward. you have to either host the game, or enter the IP of the host to join the game. Pretty much what I expected.

On a side note, if any game ever deserved an XBLA update/release…

I’d pay an unspecified number of MS points for that!

Sounds interesting, but I’m worried lag would kill the experience. I mean, lag is a big deal when you’re zipping around in a Thraddash Torch.

  • Alan



This might be a good contender for a Qt3 league. I’d have to work up on my skills, but damn this is great!

Now if only someone would port this to the DS, implement Wi-Fi Super Meele all would be right in the world.

Holy crap. I’m on this like flies on shit.

I’d be up for a Qt3 SC2 league :).


A Qt3 league would be awesome. Hopefully it handles latency well…

Man I suck at super melee. :(

Yes, a League it is!

I don’t think lag will be a problem, but I guess we’ll see.

I can’t play today at all, but I can probably get some time in tomorrow for some early matches if anyone’s up for it.

Personally, I think it’d be cool to set up a mini-league with standardized point values and that sort of thing.

Someone get on that shit, ASAP.

I’ll play this. I must warn you, I am nigh but UNBEATABLE in the Torch.

Has anyone, anywhere mastered the Supox backward-flying ship? That thing was almost unflyable.

You and everyone else.

It’s the best ship in the game!

I see your Torch and raise you an Utwig.

Is there an uninstaller for x86 that doesn’t involve the client trying to download hundreds of megabytes of game data in separate packs, then timing out?

The torch CRUSHES the Utwig.

You know, when two evenly matched, good players fight, matches can last a long time. Some of these ships, like the Thraddash Torch and the Arilou Skiff, require lots of patience.

Spathi vs. Spathi will in fact never end unless someone gets tired…

You’re going to peck me to death with the Thraddash dart?

It’s like beating an Ur-Quan with a Shofixti. Ya, it’s possible