Ur-Quan Masters now with networked Super Melee!

I used to be badass with it. Really, it’s stupid powerful if you can master flying it.

And if you can use the other ships well, you can beat a Torch with most of them.

The key to SC2 is not in having the right ship, but in playing the wrong one well.

So what are (will be) the “true competitive” supermelee settings? Random ship selection, 14 ships, all different ships? Can i just pick the Kohr-Ah 14 times? :) Any combination of points?

[edit] Oh, yea, forgot about the Melnorme. It’s like a Mycon, that doesn’t suck.

[edit1] It’s been awhile, but the Human Cruiser should do well against the Torch as long as it sits fairly still.

No, he’s going to burn you out with the Thraddash Torch! Although, the dart [i]is[i] useful against certain opponents. I agree with El Guapo, the Torch is one of the best ships, considering it’s cheap price.

I’m gonna smack all y’all with an Ilwrath Avenger! ;-)

But if you sit fairly still, that little Dart is actually a threat, while your missiles will never hit…

I vote for a set amount of points for fleets, kept throughout a bracketed tournament. We might need to vote upon point cost adjustment though, as many of the ship costs are more than a little bit off.

Nah, he has to mean peck me to death with the dart. The Utwig eats Torch flamewall like Augustus Gloops sucks down chocolate.

I don’t remember, will the dart penetrate the anti-missile defense? Also i’m pretty sure the Nuclear Missle outranges the dart.

Only one way to find out.



True, it’s been a while, and the Utwig Jugger did have a powerful cannon; perhaps that’s enough to keep the Thraddash Torch at bay, so that it’s easy to see the fire contrails coming and absorb them. I suspect you might get caught by surprise during a zoom distance change though, the same way asteroids will at times surprise you.

I vaguely recall that the Earthling point defense laser won’t stop shot weapons like the Dart, though it’s been a while. I don’t remember the Earthling cruiser actually being able to beat anything, except an Ilwrath, Umgah, and sometimes a Vug. Point-wise they were ok against the Ur-Quan, I guess. I certainly wouldn’t buy any, as they fare poorly against the ships that get better with practice.

The key with the Utwig Jugger is to just fly right through the flames with the energy-absorption turned on. The Jugger is also very maneuverable for its size. The Torch has to pick away at the Jugger from a distance – a VERY safe distance – because the flames are basically useless and the Jugger’s main cannon will shred it if it gets in range.

Obviously words will not settle this matter! Personally, I’ll probably take some of each.

My vote for most effective ship would go to the Supox anyway, though I probably can’t play it well anymore, and it might suffer from internet latency.

Now that I think about it, the Arilou too might suffer across the net, as sitting in between firing angles might become too tricky. I wonder if the agile ships in general will hold up as well as when playing on the same keyboard? Or the Utwig Jugger for that matter, with it’s tricky timing…

Remember, the Jugger has a battery that only charges if the shield actually takes damage. The key is to fake out the Utwig pilot into using his shield. In the end he will be BEGGING you to torch him. And you’ll just peck him from afar.

The original also have a 5 key input problem (that is, it could take a maximum of 5 key inputs at the same time) which led to different playing styles in same keyboard versus. For instance, the Supox was almost impossible to play.

Ug, I’d forgotten about that. I must have only practiced the Supox against the AI.

Yeah, the Supox was nigh-impossible to use in hotseat.

From what I remember, point-defense will kill the Torch’s dart.

I’m trying to remember what I used to use to counter the Utwig, maybe the Melnorme?

For matchups, I recommend using pre-built fleets, or at the very least a restriction on the number of duplicate ships.

  • Alan

Oh man, this is so tempting, but I have incredibly good memories of this back in the day that I’m not sure I want to revisit and risk running into the harsh light of reality. Kind of like how I liked David Eddings books and Kroft TV shows when I was a kid.

That said, me and my friends in college wrote a whole turn based “4X” hex mat game that used SC2 Super Melee as the combat resolution, which now I’m awfully tempted to write as an actual computer game…

I’d settle for SC1 with all the ships from SC2…

Don’t worry about spoiling your memories – SC2 holds up very well even after the nostalgia wears off. I played through Urquan Masters a year ago or so, and had more fun than with most games I’d recently bought, despite having played it before.

Agreed. I replayed it also about the same time and loved it. The only thing that lessened the enjoyment for me was that I knew to go after biologicals first and tech up to max early… makes you pretty unstoppable.


DOGI death.

Doesn’t the Utwig just run the Chenjesu down and blast it?