Ur-Quan Masters now with networked Super Melee!

That’s the Chrmm. The Chrmm is basically useless against the Utwig, as it can shield itself forever and never uses energy to attack, and the satellites never stop shooting the Utwig.

I meant the Chenjesu, actually. It’s slow and not maneuverable, it takes a while to get DOGIs out, and they don’t stop an Utwig from firing anyway. The Chenjesu doesn’t have enough firepower/energy to DOGI and shoot the Utwig before it gets close and just blasts it to crystalline bits.

As for the Chmmr, could you just suicide your satellites against the planet? I don’t recall if that works or not…

I don’t remember if it works like that. Of course, it wouldn’t really work anyway, because the Chmmr thrusters aren’t very good and you risk hitting the planet a bunch of times. However, you can “outrun” your satellites by gravity-slinging around the planet. Of course, good luck shooting anything while you’re hurtling around at high-speed.

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I never did much like the Chmmr, as it always seemed to be difficult to get your money’s worth out of it, and all too often things would go catastrophically wrong.

Still, I vaguely recall Chmrr vs. Utwig wasn’t so bad for some reason. Doesn’t the main laser have better range than the satellites?

I wish I had a clue what this thread meant. I played the U-QM thingy and got horribly confused.

I fail my gaming history.

This thread is more about the Hyper Melee mode of Star Control2/Ur-Quan Masters. 1vs.1 ship battles.

Not that the main story mode isn’t incredible, but both have their merits. Now when are we going to play? Tonight?

An epic tale of

Horribly Misunderstood Yet Still Thoroughly Evil Alien Overlords

and of course,

Really Good 2D Space Combat

Hmm. Installed it. Started to play Super Melee. Killed two ships, then promptly got a BSOD and a system reboot. Odd.

Ugh. I got busy with finals and then forgot all about this thread. Then today I realized I STILL haven’t played Supermelee online yet. Is anyone still interested in playing? Just download and install the game, and there’s an option for netplay and such under Supermelee. I think it uses the old-fashioned “type in the IP” style. If anyone’s up for it and wants to set up a game, PM or IM me (my info is in my profile). I still really want to try it! If enough people want to play, and we get into it, we can still set up a league of some kind.