Urgent: copying partition w/Gparted

I’m copying an NTFS partition of about 250 GB from one drive to another and it’s really taking a while (I think it’s been close to three hours). At what point do I give up on the operation and assume something’s gone wrong?
The two drives in question are both SATA 300, and the CPU is a C2Duo 3.0 GHz.

No status information? Also, why Gparted? I wasn’t aware that it did copy operations; thought it was just for repartitioning.

Unfortunately it doesn’t give status info, but it FINALLY finished the copy a little bit after I wrote the post and everything seems to have worked.

I was gonna say “let it go overnight”, because 250GB is a pretty danged big chunk of data, but never mind :)

250gb/3hrs is just over 20mbyte/sec, which is not unreasonable when doing stuff like this.

Disaster averted.