Ursula K. Le Guin RIP


I would argue it is pretty much the foundation of humanist SF.


She was a fellow Columbia grad and yet I believe she lived near me --Winter Park, Florida. I never understand her overarching cosmos, but there is a line in Left hand of Darkness that stays with me every day when I think of science fiction. I will find it a link.

Benny I would argue that you are exactly right.


Maybe she had a winter home in Winter Park? But reading her blog – now, understandably, not updated – saw many references to her living in Portland, OR.



Yeah, I thought she was Pacific Northwest for life, yo. But I didn’t follow her personal details closely.


The Disposessed was formative in my younger years. To this very day the very core of my worldview is importantly informed by it. This and Pirsigs Motorcycle Maintenance are the books that define me.