Urtuk: The Desolation -- tactical RPG

I’m unsure about this.
The end-game crisis hits one way or another, even if you did absolutely nothing - but if you do nothing, you wouldn’t be playing the game, right?
And when it does, things certainly tend to spiral with towns being destroyed, etc.

But other than that crisis, I don’t know if the world itself becomes more dangerous as time goes on. Never really felt like that to me.
Though it is hard to tell - you get stronger over time anyway (if you survive, that is), so you take more dangerous missions as you unlock them while you start ignoring easy missions as they won’t sustain you. If those missions would have been there anyway without your getting stronger (ignoring that you have to unlock them for a moment) - no idea.

The economy of the game and the fact that the crisis WILL hit on day 80 - 100 or so just doesn’t allow for a “play it safe” playstyle, IMO. Even if it had scaling.

I’m a slow player, so like to take my time doing things. I don’t appreciate being rushed. Possibly why I prefer RPGs to strategy games, though JA2 is one of my favorite games, and enemies do advance as time goes on in it too.

Boy, knocking enemy units off of high ledges using charge or shield bash is certainly a lot of fun.

The world becomes more dangerous in BB as you progress. You are correct, though, that bandits don’t become better armed or more dangerous, but there is a lower percentage of them as time goes on.

You can also completely ignore the end game crisis. The game will repeat crises forever, so if you just want to play at your own pace, go ahead.

All of the crises pretty much destroy towns, don’t they? Not immediately, but if left unchecked (and afaik only the player can actually defeat it) it will snowball.

So, a player that “lays low” will inevitably be faced with less and less towns until eventually nothing is left.

There’s an option at game start to disable permanent destruction of towns. The crises will also eventually resolve themselves.

Interesting. I never really bothered not to tackle the crisis after I saw a town or two destroyed, so I just assumed it would eventually lead to everything getting destroyed.

I’ve played this game for 23 hours now according to Steam and my opinion of it has continued to evolve. From some initial frustration with trying to figure things out, I have at last come to the realization that, even in very early EA, this is perhaps the finest game in this particular genre that I have ever played.

I find myself constantly thinking about it when I’m not playing and I keep finding new and interesting things about it. The tactical battle system is, I think, the best I’ve ever seen. Better than Battle Brothers and that’s saying something.

Although you are limited to 6 characters in battle, so far I have not run into a limit of the number of units you can have in your reserve. There are a lot of different classes. And in this game, different classes matter. Each and every class has something unique that they bring to a battle and they are all really useful.

The battlemonk, for example, can leap over enemy lines and obstacles like walls to attack unexpectedly from the rear. This is really useful. He can also flip a target to an opposite hex (without causing the target damage).

The guardian is a tanky class that can shield bash an enemy and send them flying two spaces away, stunning them if they hit an obstacle along the way, or killing them instantly if bashed into a deep, spike filled pit. He wears a helmet and a shield which provides good armor protection.

The Hunter and the Javelinier are both ranged classes. The hunter uses a crossbow and can only fire in a straight line. He can toss out beartraps that halt the enemy and cause bleeding when stepped on. The Javelinier is also ranged but he can throw his javelin high over any obstacle. He also can raise or lower terrain in an adjacent hex, which has some very interesting tactical uses. When your melee is attacking an enemy, each will provide a ranged support attack strike if they are in range and have a clear shot, making for good combined arms tactics.

The footman is a spearman whose attack can also pierce the enemy behind the unit he attacks. His ‘engage’ skill locks onto an enemy and every time they try to move away from him he will attack and drag them back each time they try (until he runs out of stamina). He also has the ram ability that allows him to charge at an enemy from 2 -3 hexes away and knock them a hex while damaging them. If rammed into something he enemy can be stunned or killed (as with the guardian’s shield bash above). A very useful unit that wears chainmail and helmet, making him a tank unit that can take damage.

My berserker is always in the thick of the fighting. he gets 2 attacks instead of one and does heavy damage with his axe. He has an armor shred skill and does 3x armor damage. I use him to crack those hard enemy shells. he has a lot of HP but no armor so you have to watch him closely. He has mutators equipped that heal him when he kills something.

The assassin has an assassin’s mark ability he can throw onto a hex. if an enemy steps on it, he is immediately attacked my all of your nearby ranged and melee units. He also gains a additional attack when any enemy dies anywhere on the battlefield. Another skill allows him an additional strike and two additional movement after backstabbing an enemy. A very fun unit.

You can also find and recruit useful non-combat characters. I rescued a healer last night. He can make medicine for me at a reduced cost when traveling (as long as I have found the resources).

Those are just the classes I’ve found so far. There are many others. it makes it really hard to choose the 6 to bring to any particular battle. Add to that the fact that you can equip them all with mutators that add additional traits and skills and it gets really fun and interesting to kit them all out.

As far as the world goes, I keep finding out interesting things. When you capture a town, you get x amount of a particular resource (money or other) per turn but it eventually dwindles down to nothing. It keeps you constantly on the go looking for more resources.

Also, after capturing a town you can search the caverns under it which triggers an event sort of similar to Battle Brothers events. So far, I’ve triggered earthquakes (12 days where battlefield hexes can shift up/down), accidentally released a bunch of werebeasts (they show up as additional neutral units on battlefields for x number of game days). I also got a large amount of the ‘flesh’ resource used to make medicine for that one.

Last night I found my first relic after searching, the ‘Relic of Hyge’. It’s a special high level mutator that adds the ‘siphon life’ trait to the character it’s equipped on. This provides a +3% permanent HP boost every time that character kills something (up to a 75% boost cap). I gave it to my berserker. With no armor he needs as many HP as he can get and he kills more stuff than any other character.

All this and I’m still only partway though the first zone, still learning stuff. I had a party of 8 bounty hunters come after me yesterday. As an escapee of the Sanatorium, they aren’t going to let Urtuk get away so easily, apparently. They’ll keep coming for him throughout the game with stronger parties each time.

Anyway, I just love this game. I haven’t even mentioned the soundtrack which is as outstanding as the artwork. Even in early EA the game is extremely polished in many ways already. I haven’t been this happy with an EA purchase since I bought Battle Brothers.

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(you’re going to make me buy this aren’t you?)



I hope there aren’t too many encounters where ONE AND ONLY ONE combination of classes is required to win the encounter.

Also, do units “level up” in interesting ways? Such as perks that are acquired over time? Or “veteran” status? I suppose that could make the game too complicated.

No, I haven’t seen that at all so far.

Yes, each character has unknown traits shown as ‘???’ on the unit’s trait list that are unlocked in battle under certain circumstances. For example my berserker got extremely low on health and unlocked the ‘Angel’s Pact’ trait. When he takes lethal damage from an attack, he is revived with 2 health and all poison/bleed effects removed. This works twice during the same turn (but only once a battle). There are many others like this that get unlocked.

Great write @Coldsteel. I am another who is quickly being convinced he should buy this ASAP.

I’d also like to mention equipment here. For a long time I thought it was just plain equipment with a damage or armor value. You start with iron equipment and can find better steel and then rare silver equipment with better stats.

Then I visited a black market and found I could buy rare equipment with traits attached to it. For example, my footman has a billhook that has a 100% lifesteal trait on it. So 100% of the damage he does heals him for the same amount. Handy to say the least.

Lots of really cool stuff in this game.

I have played nearly half that and agree with you and am also encouraged by how I see the developer(s?) taking on suggestions for change. For example at present there is level scaling that some are complaining makes progression feel less meaningful. Albeit no ‘quick fix’ the dev has acknowledged the feature needs review and potential change.

Tactical battles better than Battle Brothers? Woah, strong. I certainly think it can get there. I am really enjoying the differences between your units, something mostly lacking from Battle Brothers. Sure, different stats, different perks, your call on their role and equipment and that was potent enough. The combination of “role” and stats and skills and mutators found in Urtuk is already feeling like it offers some more engaging choices.

I should note that I’m opted into the beta version and playing that. The beta has already had the scaling issue addressed (according to the dev) so that’s the version I’m playing. it’s also constantly getting fixes and new features, which is nice not to have to wait for.

I guess I won’t see how effective their scaling fix is until I get further into the game to the second zone. I agree that the developer really stays on top of things so that bodes well for the future.

Welp, I’m definitely sold. The only question is whether I can successfully maintain enough discipline to hold off until it’s out of EA. The developer should really give @coldsteel a commission for that writeup.

The commission is the privilege of being an unpaid beta tester. Yay!

Ditto. Damn you @Coldsteel!