Urtuk: The Desolation -- tactical RPG

There are so many indie games now, that most of them get 0 reviews from the medium/big sites.

I don’t know about him but I love it. The tactical battle system is really, really good. They made some good balance changes since I played last (like toning down the frequency of the pursuit parties that come after you). There’s lots of units and stuff to unlock from playing it, including NG+ modes. Also, lots of cool upgrades to find. What’s not to like?

I’m really enjoying it too. Like Coldsteel mentioned the tactical battles are excellent. It has the Battle Brothers feel with way less dependency on random (Battle Brothers dice HATE me (insert sad face here)). I love the artwork but can see people who wouldn’t care for it. FilthyRobot a YouTube strategy gamer had the early access version his 2020 game of the year.

This is probably a buy for me. I’ve just been waiting for the price to drop a bit more. I’m so spoiled by Steam/GoG sales.

I’ll third the recommendation for this game. I got killed by rushing into the first boss battle too early in my first run on the second difficultly level. I started on Easiest in my current run, and it might be a little too easy, but I have attacked the boss yet either.
@BloodyBattleBrain was liking it in the weekend thread as well.

I have over 30 hours in the EA version of this. It’s good. Very good. My one criticism would be that things can drag on a little bit by the time you get to the third map, but all the time you spend getting there is passed well with some of the most interesting turn based tactics combat I’ve had in a while. The mutation system is really cool, too.

For me, this one’s worth it even at full price. :D

I don’t think you’re referring to the Conquest mode…? For those unaware, it was added and developed during EA, but pulled before release (need more time to work on it).

I felt this game was something special during EA and limited my time with it until it exited EA. The combat is very well done with a lot of impactful decisions; I like it much more than Battle Brothers’. You really have to understand your units’ abilities, and how they interact with the environment and your allies.

Beginner tip: If you haven’t already done so, read the entire Battle Guide on the main menu. It’s not very long.

It’s a steal at $19.99, a no-brainer at its launch price of $17.99.

Very much so.

Sadly there’s isn’t much time right now for games.

In my start squad I picked a blood priest, who has 2 abilties, one gives life steal to Ann ally. One blocks damage to an ally.

Both for 2 turns, and both consume the blood priest’s health.

He regenerates when enemies die.

Anyone else used him?

I’m not sure he is worth it.

In my current, first, run, I just had a mega battle defending a village’s catapults. I was totally outnumbered.

Everyone died but one of my soldiers, at 25% health.I


Also a bit of a difficulty spike lol.

Are you referring to Urtuk the Priest? I went with the default party for my first post-launch game (which includes him), and he’s still kicking (almost level 3)! But my Berserker(?) was injured and I foolishly brought him into another battle while injured (and before he completely healed). He dead, now.

For those who don’t own the game, the first time a unit falls in battle, he’s considered injured. You then have to use Medicine (an in-game resource) to start the healing process, which takes X days. While healing, though, the unit will die if it falls in battle while injured. So you might be better off keeping the unit in reserve or sending it on a mission.

I think my favorite is a pimped-out Javelineer parked on a hilltop and defended by a couple tanks. Play it right and he can wipe out 2/3 of an army single-handedly.

I managed to get to the third map, and then switched PCs and lost my save games so starting again. Can’t wait to see what the final version looks like, but last I checked the GoG version was still on 0.87 or so.

Anyway 2 thumbs up. I like it more than say BB, DD or Iratus. It just feels like there’s lots to learn, but it isn’t as punishing as those other games (at least on difficulty level 2). I love the artwork and the sound bites are great.

As someone who refunded Battle Brothers after 119 minutes of play, this has me tempted, particularly marxeil’s view that it isn’t as punishing.

Man, I love battle brothers! That said, I kind of wish was a different game…? It’s just too brutal to be quite the experience I would otherwise be looking for, sadly. I think I want it to be more of a final fantasy tactics kind of game set in that world, maybe.

The Easiest setting is pretty easy, and I’m not humblebragging. As Mysterio also mentioned, the first time a unit falls in battle, it is only injured. I only lost some of my best guys against the boss because I assumed he wouldn’t be that hard and brought them in injured. If I would have waited, I could have brought in uninjured units. Then I would have been able to regroup after he kicked my ass and I wouldn’t have abandoned my game. I probably still could have recovered as it was, but I just considered it a quick first learning game and restarted.

The game offers you plenty of units as well, so you should always have enough to field the maximum of 6 units and then reserves that can be training, improving weapons, on scavenging missions, or just convalescing.

No, once you finish the game on one difficulty it opens up an initially locked higher difficulty. You also open up other classes and races to play that way as well.

Yeah, me too. I didn’t want to burn out on it before release (but I still do have something like 90 hours in it). It really is one of the best tactical games I’ve ever played. And not only is the tactical layer great, I really like how the world map and events are handled too. It’s a great total package and deserves to sell really well, imo.

I meant the priest in geenral.

He doesn’t actually heal, allowing lifestealing instead (at a cost to his life,) and then healing himself when something dies.

Feels fiddly to use, relative to the other classes.

I started a new game, this time with a Javeliner and a Xbow man, and that is a potent combination.

I like the priest although I am still a beginner. I like to throw Aegis on the Beserker round 1 for some protection. Heal up over the next few rounds and use Aegis and lifesteal when I can. Javeliner and Xbow are great for sure but are easily found.

Urtuk got actual healing for me later, but I don’t know if that was particular to that run or will always happen.

The Swamper Shaman have an regen spell. I noticed that in this game you have to be much more proactive with your defenses.

I’m only on day ten…

So much left to unlock lol.