US anti-bank protest case: mentioning the First Amendment not allowed during trial

Did I say that the banks shouldn’t be brought up on charges?

Did I say you did?

It looked like you were responding to me in a manner that didn’t follow with what I wrote. That led me to believe that you somehow thought I was sticking up for the banks.

One-size-fits-all punishments don’t tend to work.

Charging someone with a crime because they wrote a water-soluble slogan on the wall of a bank during a protest is one thing, and few reasonable persons would want that guy thrown in jail or charged with a crime even if they didn’t agree with his cause. But what if that same guy wrote a different slogan on the wall every day for a week? Six months? Six years?

To be fair, it can go months without raining in California.

The reason it seemed like I was responding to you in a manner that didn’t follow with what you wrote was that, other than the remark about not pissing off your exes, was because my response preceded your first statement in the thread. Your first statement in the thread does follow the first paragraph of the first thing I said, but because pages take more than four minutes to read and post to on average, and your post is your first post and only a few minutes after mine, I doubt you read it before you posted, because my point about not going around being some type of fuckup and expecting anyone to care when you get your comeuppance was what I would have responded with, had I not already replied to you before your statement was made. Because I had already said what I would have said, I couldn’t not say what I did, let alone do what I couldn’t have not did. I could have not did it in a situation that occurred prior to this one, but at the point by which it was time to have not done it it was a thing that had already been done.

Think of it this way. We’re both standing on the bank of a mighty river, I tell you to grab my hand. When you ask why I push you in. You struggle to swim and then you ask for help. All of a sudden I take off a mask. I am your dad. We have been out of grape soda the entire time.

Time is the only illusion.

I will be less subtle.