US-Canada: Softwood Lumber Dispute

US dismissest yet another softwood lumber ruling in favour of Canada as “irrelevant”. This is the umpteenth time that both NAFTA and the WTO has ruled in favour of Canada in the years long softwood lumber dispute. Dear United States government: go fuck yourselves.

Why can’t we just add a massive levy to every barrel of oil we send south, to compensate for this nonsense? It’s not like the US can just decide to get oil elsewhere these days. You think $2.37 a gallon is high, folks?

If Canada loses this fight I don’t see the point of remaining in NAFTA. Maybe we can give Denmark Hans Island and they can vouch for letting us in the EU.

Dude, I paid $2.70 a gallon in San Francisco earlier this month. Bring on $2.37!!!

$3.07, Martha’s Vineyard.

Heh, heh… you guys have soft wood.

But we should still comply with the NAFTA ruling. If it makes you feel any better, the US building lobby also wants to see the tariffs eliminated. Lumber prices in the US have been at record highs for the past several years (in large part, because of these tariffs).

You’ve seen what we do with countries that fuck with our oil.

We’ll botch an invasion of your country if you keep that talk up.

US motto: “We don’t NAFTA if we don’t wanna!”

The petulant children roll on in the White House…