US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Oh the war is far from over, but I don’t mind celebrating a battle won.


Lol what a clown he is.


I am impressed with Nancy Pelosi as well, but then I remember that she is pitted against a team of idiots led by a stupid baby, and for a moment, I think, “Well…”


I mean…it’s his choice. If he wants to refight this war he’s free to try, but he doesn’t even have the support of his own party in Congress, so the end result will likely be very similar.


Yeah, I initially was of the opinion that it was time for Pelosi to move over and hand over the reigns when the elections were wrapped up. Now I want to wear a “I ❤️ Pelosi” t-shirt.


He’s a stubborn idiot and most of his party still supports him. This can drag on as long as he wants it to. Cracks are showing, but I don’t have a lot of faith in Trump ever backing down.


Oh does he get to do his State of the Union now? I’m sure that heavily played into his calculus .


Yes well Nancy knows that is how you train puppy. If he restores funding to the government you give him a treat. Then you use the funding to subpoena his tax returns.

Pets are weird.


It probably factored in quite heavily. Losing the spotlight would have been too much for him.


But Trump’s state deal today is that if he doesn’t get wall funding in a longer CR by 2/15, he’ll go to state of emergency to compel a wall.

Like, that’s the card he’s holding right now to play.

And that is a terribly bad card for him, politically. And Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House know that. And so do all the Republicans also.


In the press conference Pelosi pointed out that her letter stated they would come to an agreement on a date to hold the State of the Union after government reopened, so I’ll be interested to see where that goes, since it doesn’t sound like it’s automatically back on like normal.


That’s not exactly what he said.

He said:


Yes. But he’s played his “Shutdown” card already. That went…poorly for him.

Think he’s gonna play it again? Think the Senate is going to happily go to another shutdown?

They’ll likely send a CR to him with compromise increase for border security but no funds for a wall. And he’ll either sign that and call it good, or he’ll wait and do his national emergency…and then sign or leave himself once again exposed to a disastrous shutdown.


His base might love the wall, but all the signs are there that Republicans in Congress couldn’t give two shits about Trump’s wall. Leadership refuses to stick their necks out one inch. They’ll stand up there with their faces on and talk about how awesome he is and border security and all that bullshit, but they’re not gonna help him.


Who can say. We’re not dealing with a rational human being who is negotiating in good faith. The national emergency card is no better than the government shutdown for him. Either way, I don’t see how Trump backs down unless they somehow provide him a really good opportunity to save face.


Set the SOTU for February 16.


I mean, this ends with a resolution with extra funding for border security, and funding for the government, and maybe some protections for dreamers/asylum seekers, they’ll call it a fair compromise. They can spend some of that money on shoring up the already built fences maybe even re-inforce them in areas they are already needed, and Trump can stand in front of a big section of the existing wall and say “Mission Accomplished” and that will be the end of it.


Accept the SOTU only in writing, then have Sassy Trump read it from the floor.


God, I would be all in for that.