US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I LOL’d.




Good (and depressing) points.


Sebastian Gorka told Dobbs. "As far as I’m concerned, this is a master stroke.

Well, that settles that. Trump pwnd Nancy.




meanwhile in the other bubble


Wow, talk about “alt-facts.”


I wish all the bad things in the Dr Octagon record to happen to them.

To wit, I hope they all get moose bumps. I hope all their wrinkle cream is made out of rat poop. And I hope they have the worst kind of encounter with a half-shark alligator / half man.


Even a lot of conservatives on twitter were dunking on that. Wonder how it feels to sell your soul for Donald fucking Trump. They deserve what they get.


Also, lol…


“Many R’s, privately, okay with it”. This is exactly why they all have to go.


Wait, Lou Dobbs got him to back off the emergency declaration? Is that the implication? I haven’t been keeping track of him lately as a Trump advisor. I guess he’s against the emergency move?


#1 National Emergency: Trump. Let’s shut 'er down, folks!

(PS - I would not be surprised if he shut the government down a second time, because Trump gonna Trump.)


National emergency which somehow has gone along for 2 years now with no action.

Must be really serious.


Hey, it’s not no action. They jailed thousands of kids and lost them.


That’s why this will fail in a court of law. They care about things like facts and evidence.


The SC that upheld Trump’s travel band and transgender troop prohibition is capable of anything.


The Supreme Court majority is composed of traditional/corporatist conservatives, not populists/Trumpists. So they may have no issue upholding a travel ban and anti-LGBTQ policies, but traditional conservatives are very skeptical of misuse of emergency declarations.


If Republicans in the Senate are OK with a declaration of emergency, from everything I can deduce from Post and NYT reporting, it is because it at least gets this shit off their backs.

I think the more pragmatic members of that caucus know what a losing issue this is already, and know how even more loser-ish it is when framed as part of a declaration of emergency…but I guess they’re hoping that heat falls on Trump and not them.