US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Ok, I laughed. At an Ann Coulter joke. Just shoot me now and get it over with.


Coulter is clearly preparing her career for life after Trump; will any other of the conservative media follow?


Well someone has to play the halftime shows at away games too.



Yes, but keep in mind, she’s saying it because Trump isn’t conservative enough. Not for the reasons most of us might make the same remark.


Trump has served two groups well: 1) The very rich and 2) Single-issue abortion voters. He’s working hard to make the ‘nationalists’ happy with the travel ban and the wall, but he’s unlikely to get that wall built.

Coulter is in the ‘nationalist’ camp (or my other favorite term, ‘racial conservatives.’). She’s not going to get all that she wants, and it’s not like she can make a living being content. She sells outrage for a living.


This reminds me of a story in The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat. The psychologist sees a roomful of aphasia patients laugh at Reagan giving a speech. Even thought they couldn’t understand any words, they knew he was full of shit.


Nah, don’t lump Reagan in there with Trump. Reagan was a gifted orator, both in the eloquence of his words and his delivery.


Here’s a pretty good article by Nate Silver on How President Trump is Like a Terrible Poker Player

Quote from the article: " In general, the strategic goal of poker is to put your opponent to tough decisions. If you see one of those hands on TV where one player is thinking for several minutes about whether to call or fold on the river, that usually means the other player has played his or her hand well, putting the opponent in a no-win position by leaving just the right amount of doubt about whether it’s a bluff or a real hand.

As a corollary, good players play in such a way as to avoid putting themselves to tough decisions. Bad players, conversely, tend to paint themselves into corners. They’ll curse their luck when they suddenly realize that a hand they’d assumed was a winner might be no good. But more often than not, it reflects a mistake they made earlier in the hand, such as playing a weak hand that they should have folded to begin with."


If Trump were a poker player, he’d make grandiose declarations about never folding and winning every hand. He’d say those things into a camera.

Then, he’d lose all his money and try to flip over the table.


That is a good article. Nate’s a good source, too, as he’s a very good poker player. Not sure if he still does or not, but before the whole 538 thing took off, he used to be a pretty well known poster on the 2+2 poker forums.




And thus my hopes for a Sassy Trump State of the Union begin to flicker and fade.


So the shutdown ended up costing $11 billion. Hey, Shitgibbon, guess where your wall money went?


The appropriate Republican logic is that if they had just given Trump the money, the Democrats wouldn’t have throw $6 billion away.


I heard a Bloomberg guy say yesterday that much of those “losses” will be made up and that the entire dollar amount isn’t necessarily the loss. I am not sure why they announce it that way then. Bloomberg pegged the loss at $6b I think. Of course the work that would have been done during those hours is lost since the employees will all receive back pay. Private contractors won’t though.


The actual CBO report is $3b that is lost, the remaining $8b will come back through as the back pay gets cycled through the economy.



At first I thought that was supposed to be Hillary and couldn’t fathom why you would post it. But then I got that it was Pelosi and I get it.


p.s. Bring a bottle.