US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I got that it was Pelosi, but I still don’t get the joke. Is she into BSDM or something? Why is she going to wear a leash?


The leash is for her little orange doggie, whom she just finished walking on a leash. Bark, Cheetoh-Rover, Bark!


Oh, she’s hanging it up. I thought she was grabbing it. It makes more sense now.





That doesn’t surprise me in the least about Nate. I spent much of last week playing poker in Vegas (a slight winner). Having Trump at a poker table is pretty much my wet dream. I’d so so so enjoy taking all of his money.


I’m really surprised at the number is so low. 800K workers at an $1,200 week say it is roughly a $1 billion a week in wages we paid but didn’t get any work from the employees. That’s $5 billion right there (now some workers like TSA did work so there isn’t much of loss for them). But you add all the ripple effect, in my non-profit one very important and one moderately important project were both delayed by 5 weeks. There is a cost associated with both delays.


I think it depends on how the cost was calculated I guess. Does the CBO calculate losses for the economy as a whole?

For the economy as a whole I’d imagine it’s worse just because federal workers are less likely to go back to normal spending habits with another shutdown looming in almost 2 weeks now. I’d assume spending by federal workers will be depressed until we have a much longer resolution set.


I’ll put this here, since it’s kinda related to the shutdown. The all out assault on our environment continues.

More here if depression is your thing:

Article by Kendzior from 2017:


U.S. land managers will move forward in March with the sale of oil and gas leases that include land near

Need more info to actually get too concerned. Plenty of tribes make lots of money from their own Oil & Gas reserves…


Vatican land managers will move forward in March with the sale of oil and gas leases that include land near the Sistine Chapel.

One day, a tract of pristine virgin wilderness like this may become nearly as valuable (in terms of $$$).


Squandering military resources to own the Libs.


Unlike jet fuel, Mexicans can melt cut through steel beams.


They probably could with the right queso recipie.


Weaponized chili pepper beams. The remnants of the gas from queso and chips, focused through the right device, becomes a killing word.


The true weirding way.


The Quesoatz Haderach knows …


So the IRS is apparently waiting to see what Trump does on Feb 15th before recalling 99% of seasonal employees back to work. This tax year could be a mess.


I’m starting to get some motivation to get my taxes in early this year. Not sure it’ll help.


I think Josh just won the internet today.