US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


There won’t be a vote unless McConnell is one.


22 Republicans can change that. Heck, 6 of them could.


I do tend to think that enough Republicans in Congress aren’t crazy enough to fuck with the debt limit. The Freedom Caucus is out of the picture there.


Oh, I think they’re willing to fuck with it, just not to the point of default.


This forum really needs likes.


Are Senate Republicans now more scared of another shutdown than of Trump?


Which thread do I follow for the SOTU which I will not be watching?


Sit on the toilet and unspool your toilet paper onto the ground, and watch that. I don’t think any of us here can stand to watch the bloated turd.

(Secretly I have the same question as you.) :)

p.s. Can’t wait for Stacey Abrams’s speech, though!


Feel free to join the support group here:

And the thread is off to a rip-roaring start.


“Nope.” made me lol and have to explain myself.


Okay and now you’ve edited your post and made me look like a weirdo.

“I see Nopes.”


Yea, I accidentally grabbed the second post, haha.


Both Shelby ® and Schumer (D) sounding very upbeat this afternoon about border negotiations and getting a budget passed. Sounds like actual progress being made, and Trump so far seems willing to sign off on whatever compromise they come up with.

*He was willing to sign off on their compromise on December 19th, too, so…


Quick, everyone turn to Fox News to see if some talking head tells him not to compromise.


Pretty much.


If? Haha. Of course they’re saying not to compromise. Compromise is LOSING.


The learning of lessons appears to be going slowly.


Look, last time the public blamed the GOP, this time they surely will blame the other side right?


What does McConnell have to say about the third kick of a mule?


I really don’t see what Trump’s problem is with the wall. He said Mexico was going to pay for it. Bastard refuses to eat his own words.