US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Yeah, the GOP guys who are actually in districts along the border, like Hurd? They do NOT want this wall.


I did a bit of reading on captured-carbon techs and it’s not what I expected. I thought you know, put a pump, suck out carbon, plant trees, bury them, whatever. It’s much more effective to capture the carbon at points of emission. You know. Coal plants. So it’s only really going to be mitigate dirty techs. On the other hand, hurting Koch industry profits sounds good.


Resolution has been introduced, but they may not vote today. Pelosi is in Laredo, TX with Henry Cuellar; they’re doing their own wall tour today.


There are direct air capture carbon concepts, but they don’t really exist in practical forms yet.


Oh… so it’s Future Tech, which we’d only get to after a Science Victory. Gotcha.


Vote on Tuesday


Off topic but in the climate change thread someone (@Matt_W or @MikeJ, can’t remember which one) posted an article about a two person startup in Switzerland doing carbon capture. The piece went into great detail and one thing I learned is that you can get synthetic fuel from carbon capture, which I thought pretty wild. I can’t find that article now or the original post though


Yeah, they said on NPR this morning that the vote would happen sometime next week.


Yeah it is pretty wild that you can get fuel from the air, but, it is chemistry. Carbon is carbon.


We aren’t talking about carbon MINING, it isn’t as though carbon is hard to find. It’s about how much energy it contains or how much it costs to shift it to another molecule.


Presumably this synthetic fuel also creates CO2, or maybe CH4 (even worse!), when it is burned.


Yes, and in order to synthesize fuel from CO2 you need energy from another source.

But I think the principle is similar to biomass fuels. Use renewable energy to produce fuel from CO2 and then supply that fuel to applications that cannot easily be converted to renewable energy.


Happens every time a plant grows, so not that unusual. You need an energy input; for plants it is solar.


The principle of biomass fuel seems to be converting agricultural subsidies into energy.


Well, unfortunately that’s the reality.

In principle, principle and reality are the same. In reality they are not.


Darn that just sounds like hydrogen cells then.


House will vote today on a bill to rebuff the declaration of emergency under the NEA by President Trump.

Senate Democrats will then motion it to the floor for a vote in the Senate. Right now, Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Thom Tillis (of all people) sound like they’ll support the bill (and thus vote against the wall declaration.) Gardner, Isakson, Rand Paul and others have expressed skepticism. Will that translate into the fourth vote?

Narrator: “Probably not; these are Senate Republicans.”


Live shot of Rand Paul lamenting the fact that he had to vote in favor of massive executive overreach to seize the land from private citizens to build a useless static structure:


LOL. And this is pretty classic.


House passes the resolution.