US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?



Two MI Republicans, hooray! Amash is barely a Republican anyway, crazy Freedom Caucus stuff. (From my district, sigh.) It’s nice to see Upton doing something across the aisle, though, since he talks about it all the time.


I honestly think it’s because anti gerrymandering got passed and since they don’t have automatic wins scheduled any more they actually have to start thinking about the will of the people here in Michigan. Not just representing their own selfish cliques. If R’s swept the state here I sadly think they would have voted against it.


In my brief watching of Michael Cohen testify today Amish was the only republican who actually did more than call him a liar and guilty of selling himself like a whore for a book deal. Amish actually asked intelligent questions, well, some of them. I am not sure even the Dems I saw all asked intelligent questions.


We’ll see, won’t we.


Yeah, Lumberjack Lamar, if he’s serious, makes 4 Republicans who would presumably make it 51 ayes.

And Lamar’s vote provides some cover for others too, specifically Ernst and Gardner, though McSally has already blundered her way into this soup by saying she’s in favor of the declaration, as long as the money to pay doesn’t come out of any DOD projects or funding earmarked for Arizona. That’s gonna play well in 18 months.

Will be interesting to see. No guarantees that Alexander’s opposition isn’t of the furrowed brow nature, though, too.


Have they scheduled a day for the vote yet?


I don’t know why this matters. Trump will just veto the bill. Sure, it looks bad, but Trump doesn’t give a shit about optics. Unless they have a veto-proof super majority this is all just brow furrowing.


It’s like when you’re out drinking more beer than you should with buddies. You’re thinking you’re king of the castle…and then finally you have to pee. And it’s like you’ve broken a seal, because for the foreseeable future you will need to pee again and again and again, and each time it takes less and less to make you have to go.

This would be the Republicans breaking the seal. :D


We’ll see.


Putting this in the Analogy Hall of Fame.


Great analogy!

Also, it might matter when this gets to the Supreme Court. If the Resolution fails altogether, that seems like Congressional acquisence.


Yeah, I think it could matter there, that’s a very good point.


Since it could come to the senate floor for a vote this week, it now sounds like Spineless Rand Paul is a definite Aye on the blocking resolution. If Alexander is also an Aye, that makes five.


Surely, this time she’ll let us kick the football ;)

(I know you don’t trust Rand Paul, either)


LOL. Yep, hence the “spineless.” :D

I mean, this would be an all-timer, even for a cowardly fraud like Rand Paul, so I don’t think he’ll waffle…but neither would I bet my life on it, either.


Seems fairly low risk, since Trump will just veto and they can’t override.


It will happen when we elect a ruthless Dem president. That’s the trait I’m looking for the most in 2020- utter ruthlessness.



So I think I have mentioned here that I work seasonally now for the IRS. Kind of a job that is a bridge to retirement after my business closed. But my area has been authorized to work 52 hours of over time over the next two weeks. No, I do not plan to work it all. But it does show how far behind the shutdown has put the IRS. Overtime is normal, but not this much this early. It should be a busy 5-6 months.