US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Jobs for builders and a demolition crew!


Sorry, I meant getting away with being sexist, racist and a lying asshole with zero compassion.

I agree with you, though, he’ll get away with that, too.


You forgot narcissistic piss-slave.


This is a family-friendly forum, can you please use “pee-pee serf” instead?


In honor of the passing of GHW Bush, Congress will do what it does best…delay taking action.


Heh, i think that the GOP just doesn’t want to have to fight with Trump over his not getting a wall.

The Democrats really just need to start saying, “Mexico will pay for it.”

Seriously. Just say that, and nothing else, every single time it comes up. Refuse to say anything else. Just “Mexico will pay for it,” and don’t give any money for it.


Great idea! But don’t say it, just get a clip of Trump saying it and play that every time anyone brings it up.


“We will fully fund the wall in advance for the amount that the Mexican government agrees to in a signed document ratified by the Mexican Congreso de la Union.”


Maybe people should just start telling Trump that they are paying for the wall, even if they don’t do it. Like, just lie to his face. He’s too dumb to check. Show him a picture of the great wall of china. He won’t know.

Just lie to him. Treat him like the idiot child he is.


Trump now saying that the military will build the wall if he doesn’t get funding. I guess he’s taking shutdown off the table?

I’m sure the Joint Chiefs are super thrilled to give up $10-$20 billion of their money for this!


… That’s not how that works. That’s not how any of this works!


Shut it down, then, asshole, and own it.


I think this is going to be amazing. Trump is threatening to shut down the Government right before Christmas, over funding for a wall he said Mexico would pay for.

There is zero incentive for Dems to cave on this. Let him shut down DHS during the busy holiday travel season and let’s see what happens.



So, a day ending in y?


Wow the responses to that tweet are fantastic!


Man, this nails what I was trying to communicate to my SO yesterday. Try watching shows or movies from the past couple decades now and the images they draw of the President, the White House, how government works, etc just clashes so hard with the reality we’ve had over the past two years. I see characters in these shows show a lot of respect or even awe for the office of the President, or depict a highly professional administration (even if they have their faults or bad people, like House of Cards).

Meanwhile, back in reality I have a President spewing typo-laden temper tantrums on Twitter at three in the morning. We have this fuckin’ goober that’s supposed to bring about peace in the Middle East by giving advice to his good buddy MBS on the importance of having another pint and waiting for this whole murder thing to just blow over.


They can’t even get the corruption and collusion with a foreign government part right. They can’t even hire a fucking lawyer who can do his job professionally. Even all the evil shit is more Idiocracy than The Manchurian Candidate. I mean, I’m thankful for that, but Jesus. I can’t take the office of the President seriously anymore.


You’re not kidding hahaha!