US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?



Well, here’s a columnist saying Trump won the night:

The president did not unilaterally declare a national emergency. Instead, he called for compromise and said, “To those who refuse to compromise in the name of border security, I would ask: imagine if it was your child, your husband, or your wife, whose life was so cruelly shattered and totally broken?”

He was, in short, presidential.

To normal Americans watching in the heartland, and who are not steeped in Trump hatred, the president must have seemed like the adult in the room.

And, most important, Pelosi and Schumer failed to use the one word that millions of Americans were longing to hear — compromise. But Trump did. That is why the president won the night. Schumer and Pelosi appealed to their base, while Trump made an effective appeal to persuadable Americans.

Until now, Trump has owned the 18-day government shutdown that prompted this address, because he’s the one who started it. But if Democrats continue to attack him, and won’t entertain any compromise, soon the shutdown will be all theirs — because they’re the ones who have refused to end it.

In addition to columnizing for a living, this guy used to also give GWB stuff to say, back when people were listening to him. Oh, and this:

Thiessen has worked in Washington, D.C., for many years, starting with five years at Lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.

So glad to see the Washington Post’s attempt at fair and balanced articles…


It isn’t an article. It’s an editorial from one of their conservative columnists–Marc Thiessen–who long ago went full Trump.


Careful. There’s a lot of very scary people on your southern border.


Well their last two conservative columnist – Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot – have both gone completely anti-Trump and anti-Republican, so I guess they felt they had to get another. The problem being the pro-Trump Republicans are all idiots. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence or integrity has left the party.

Max Boot former foreign policy advisor for McCain and then Romney:

And Jennifer Rubin who in the 2012 election pretty much had not heard a pro-Romney line she didn’t want to repeat in her column:


Yes, for catharsis bonus points, one just has to read the comments section.


They also print Hugh Hewitt from time to time.


Thiessen’s previous claim to fame, of course, was being an apologist for torture under Bush. So hot takes are not exactly new for him.


When you’re a hardy Canadian, it always feels like you’re in Hawaii. As long as you’ve got your parka zipped up.


Who, like all conservatives, should be silenced and shamed. The Post, or any respectable news org, has no business giving inches to that waste of oxygen.

Still, all in all, a good night for the world. Broken Trump isn’t quite as good as imprisoned Trump or executed-for-treason Trump, but it’s still a nice sight to behold.


Yeah, Theissen long ago fell into the troll hole of irrelevancy.



Vancouver is pretty nice. I think the weather is mild unlike New England. Be a shame if Trump watched Canadian bacon and got ideas.


Vancouver is amazing if you can handle the rain and overcast. Great place to live and work.


In case you were wondering…



That has to hurt…


I mean, I can’t speak for Mike here, but I’d assume there’s some noise in those numbers that just comes built in with overnights, but the main takeaway I have is that people who watched one address to the nation stuck around to watch both.


I’ve always been curious - how do they determine those numbers? Is it just sampling and statistics or is it an actual technological process?


As I understand it, it’s a mix of those things. It’s Nielsen families whose viewing habits are logged and transmitted, and who thus provide a sample/statistical measure for the networks to extrapolate from.


Hurd’s district basically runs up the Rio Grande along the border, until you get to Beto’s old district in El Paso.