US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Isn’t my cable box capable of doing the same for Comcast?


His opposition is not going to change any Republican minds in the Senate, and he’s just one Rep. I guess it’s nice symbolism and all, but I’m not really seeing how it rises to the level of ‘useful’.

All in all, I think I would have rather had Ortiz-Jones.


I know it used to be manually-recorded in notebooks but I remember something about how it’s different now. I don’t know if it’s some sort of card-token to “punch in”. The internet viewing is pretty much just spyware thought.

The TV one seems to be some sort of gadget to ID what’s being watched. Maybe a Shazam for TVs that sits between the HDMI source and the TV, along with some sort of bluetooth token the people are supposed to wear.

"Electronic and proprietary metering technology is at the heart of Nielsen audience measurement. In addition to capturing what channels viewers are watching on each television set in the home, our meters can identify who is watching and when, including “time-shifted” viewing—the watching of recorded programming up to seven days after an original broadcast.


Canadians… :D


I did the TV one for Nielsen some years back. It was basically a pager-looking thing that you carried around all day and it collected the data of what you watched, and then you plugged it into a base station when you went to sleep and it sent back the data to the home planet overnight.

Just did it for a year, though. It was still kind of a pain in the ass to have to remember to carry around the monitor thing. I’m sure the tech has evolved, but you still have to remember to carry some sort of device.


Thank you for your service! You did help lower Fox’s ratings right?


It is kind of crazy to compare that to Netflix, which has near perfect data of you, your household, what you watch, how long you watch it and your demographics


Yeah, and there were plenty of times when I just plum forgot to take the thing with me, so that data was just missing. They would prompt you by email or phone call when their device hadn’t been out of its cradle in too long, but I’m sure streaming data is much much more reliable.


Well, if I did that by never watching it, then yes!


In your face, Canada!!


Impeach this motherfucker.


This is an amazing quote:


Another caravan is on its way as we speak.


Bad hombres, indeed.




Waves to everyone.


Only the whitest of rooms.



Reminder: Trump tore up that $25b dollar deal because – at the urging of Stephen Miller – he refused to sign DACA legislation.


The problem is I can’t tell from that photo whether the guy is satirizing Trump or supporting him.