US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


It was pretty stupid of them to leave the place open and trust the public not to destroy it in the first place… though I understand the urge not to decimate the nearby towns’ economies.


Neilsen, wow.

So who’s up this week, Carson or Letterman*?

I keed, I keed.

*Ok, I just remembered Carson and Letterman were on the same network. Joke fail


So, by a weird twist of fate I’m going to Palm Springs this weekend and was really looking forward to checking out Joshua Tree while I had the chance. I don’t anticipate that I will ever be in the area again - and I find that if you are near ANY National Park, you should spend even just 1 hour and check it out (that’s how I saw Pinnacles National Park a few years back). I’m pretty bummed about this.


Bummer. Joshua Tree is lovely. Maybe the Salton Sea is open? It’s kinda like being in a Fallout game, though it smells terrible.


Yeah, and you really can see most of what JTree has to offer in about an hour by driving the loop on the main road. It’s a great place to rock climb and scramble around on rocks though. Instead you can take the tram up to San Jacinto State Park. There’s snow up there right now.


I hasten to add that I consider Trump to have the full blame for the shutdown, because he’s the one creating a crisis that isn’t there and holding a large part of the federal government’s funding hostage. The wording of the AP tweet was only correct in that they spelled out the technical reason for the shutdown (divided government, which thank God we now have).


Trump ordered it.


There’s a difference???


Yep, there was a PR concern with possible travel destinations being closed over the Christmas break.


It takes two to tango. Trump ordered it, but employees didn’t refuse the order.


Walker is a massive putz. He replaced Howard Coble, who wasn’t that terrible for a Republican here. He at least had some principles and would have opposed Trump totally.


To be clear though, Walker said yesterday he was an AYE on Pelosi’s appropriations bills to reopen government.

So at least he’s breaking with orthodoxy for that.


Guessing Chris Wallace’s question line on SHS on Sunday pretty much scotched that.


I mean, what Trump proposed was reopening the Government and Pelosi would agree to support wall funding in 30 days.

And he seemed stunned/angry that Pelosi didn’t find that a very enticing offer.


I thought he was a great dealmaker. Has he honestly never heard of the concept of “making an offer”?


This cuts to the chase nicely:


That’s the big secret: he was never a good deal maker. He was always the rich guy with the money, and he only did deals with people who were desperate for it. So he would go in, offer a rock-bottom price, say that’s it, and take it or leave it.

He doesn’t like doing deals, because he thinks if the other side is happy then he failed.



More practical effects of the shutdown. Not as many food inspectors.


Fuck you, Donny.