US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I would put quite a bit of money on him calling a national emergency on Friday - there is literally no other out for him.


If so, impeachment proceedings should commence immediately.




I don’t. Right now I don’t blame Trump at all (well, too much). Trump is doing what Trump does, bully people with falsehoods.

Right now, the person with 100% of the blame for the Shutdown is McConnell for refusing to hold a vote. He’s the one enabling Trump to continue to shoot his mouth off without ever having to put his money where his mouth is and actually do what he says he will do.

Right now, Trump couldn’t re-open the Government as he has nothing to sign. It’s not Trump until the Senate has voted, despite what his mouth says.


Funny how Mitch has been noticeably absent from DJT’s recent clown hearings. I’m sure he’s fed the fuck up with the whole business.


Didn’t work out so well for Truman



There is always a tweet.


This is in addition to all the sweet cash they can make doing carpentry on the side.


I guess they’re Animaniacs fans.


Here’s an idea which can solve two problems at once:

Sell Trump’s properties to pay employees not getting paid during the Trump Shutdown. This way, the emoluments case goes away too ;)



I don’t see why Republicans shouldn’t be on board with that, because they own this shut down and the upcoming headlines of babies kicked to the curb because mommy and daddy can’t work aren’t going to be fun.

Sure, the GOP is mandated to look after banks, credit card companies, and landlords above most else, but nobody cries when BofA has to hold its hand out for another few weeks.

But hell, I can’t predict what the GOP might like or dislike; their spin can still be so full of surprises to reasonable people, like myself.


In a purely awful Machiavellian way, a Dem should be against this. Anything that relieves pressure on the shutdown makes it easier for Trump to continue thinking he’s winning the PR war. Everyone has to hurt for the shutdown’s blowback to really have an impact.

But Dems have empathy and human decency. Sad!


The same thought crossed my mind, but yeah - the role of government should be the well-being of its citizens. It’s the right move, even if it relieves pressure on the GOP.


Yup. It’s the difference between regular humans and terrible lizard-brain tyrants.


Nice for the workers, but it sounds like they’re just pushing the pain up a level. I mean, big landlords can absorb the losses, but what about small landlords and people renting out homes and rooms who are counting on rent checks to make their own payments?

This may not have been thought all the way through.


Well, if he doesn’t do something, the temper tantrums will continue.


I think McConnell will continue to do nothing. Right now this is perceived as a fight between Democrats and the President. As others have pointed out, the President doesn’t have a bill on his desk that he’s refusing to sign. It works just fine for Mitch to avoid the spotlight as long as possible.


Yeah, that’s my immediate thought upon seeing this. Is there going to be relief for the landlord against his/her creditors also? Do they need a new bill for each level?