US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I don’t pay attention as much anymore because it’s kind of useless. Trump feeds off the attention too much, even when it’s “bad”. Better to just ignore him until the Dems start to get things rolling in Congress/POTUS. (I am afraid GOP will gain another seat in SCOTUS before 2020.)



Oof, “mnemonic”.


Yeah. I’ll let it slide, though.




If only there were some easy way to remember how to spell mnemonic!


Johnny Pneumatic is the X rated version.


You are of course correct that McConnell is primarily/wholly responsible now. But the current shutdown would not have happened if he hadn’t changed his mind at the last minute last year and signaled he’d veto the CR to Paul Ryan.


That guy is an evil mastermind. You’re right that people perceive a Trump v Dem fight. I think there was a poll that said only 5% of people blame republican senators and reps which is pretty astonishing. We can open the Government tomorrow regardless of what president temper tantrum says, but there’s Mitch just holding back saying let them fight all while keeping his hands clean…


To be fair, the meth-head president is also very confused about pneumatic devices.

Maybe David Roberts was conflating the two idiocies.



Cringed hard.


NERD FACT CHECK: Tarkin fired the superlaser, not Vader, and he fired it because the Rebel base was too far away to make an effective demonstration.


She has a good response to this:

ya’ll trusting Empire Newswire to accurately report the story though


Saw this on Facebook:



That picture is pretty much a metaphor for the whole idea:


That looks just wide enough to pass a nuclear backpack through. North Korean, take notice.


That kind of confirms for me what I was thinking – anyone with a battery-powered angle-grinder and a couple $3 cutting wheels can get past “steel slats”.



I wish I was reading about this in history books instead of living through it. Because really, we’re talking about a President completely making up a crisis (he hasn’t even manufactured a crisis. It doesn’t even exist) in order to grant himself emergency powers to seize some thousands of acres of private property and loot the treasury to build an ineffectual wall. It’s really something.

If we we had a functioning Congress, we wouldn’t have any need of the Mueller investigation in order to begin impeachment proceedings.