US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Well and horrifyingly said.


I think this is extremely important to point out. Border crossings are down, illegal drug trafficking is happening at about the same levels everywhere (both the border and ports of entry).

This is a 100% manufactured crisis. There isn’t anything new enough to justify an emergency.

I also fully believe that that Trump statement is fully posturing and threatening something he knows full well that he won’t do. It is what he is assuming is some sort of “bargaining tactic” and it isn’t going to work.



No worries, Trump said this morning that their wall is much better than other walls and will be very tough to get through. Also he never said Mexico will pay for it, that was just FAKE NEWS I guess.


Personally I think the Democrats should go big now, basically dangle in front of him an offer he can’t refuse.

Go back and revive the $25 billion–$2.5 per year for 10 years–in exchange for full citizenship for all DACA. Throw in a few more asks, such as NOT messing with “chain migration” and etc.

And then include a statement that not a single dime of the $25 billion can be used in any construction of any barrier to movement across the border.

Just see if Trump could turn down $25 billion at this point…


Wait, what’s the $25 bil for if he can’t construct? Does he just pocket it?


I mean if you’re really concerned about border security, you can invest that in drones and other electronic surveillance to monitor the border. I’m sure money could also be used to upgrade and enhance our ports of entry or to improve existing fencing/walls we have.


I like that idea. He would reject it but force him to reject it.

White House sources say that Trump is preparing to declare a national emergency because he is out of ice cream and he asked the men with the machine guns to bring him some but they didn’t even acknowledge him.

Which makes me think, the Dems should offer him $50,000 to buy Legos. You can buy a lot of Legos for $50,000.


Trump today: “I never said Mexico would just write a check!”

Trump campaigning in July, 2016: “Mexico is gonna write us a check.”


Hah! Have you seen what the Millennium Falcon model costs these days?!




And all we hear 24/7 on Fox (ok, Shep Smith still tells the truth, so maybe 23/7?) is that the Democrats just won’t negotiate. They had Ted Lieu on this morning and all the host wanted to do was badger him about what the Democrats are willing to concede to make a deal. How about nothing? No concessions on this bullshit GOP-created mess. I don’t understand how anyone in the GOP sleeps at night.


On a gigantic pile of money.



As someone else has already pointed out, responding to this “crisis” by building a wall is like responding to a house fire by building a fire station.

Nathan Fillion/Patrick Stewart facepalm dot gif.


But also, the house isn’t really on fire anyways. Someone just burned the popcorn again.


Would it be so bad if he declared an emergency and then agreed to end the shutdown? I mean, the courts would shut him down on the emergency declaration wouldn’t they? We would just have to redo this when the CR agreed to ran out.


I’m pretty sure that’s the end-game here. He declares a win against the “obstructionist” democrats, the courts strike it down, and then he vilifies the court and “activist judges”.

It’s bad in that it gives Trump and McConnell an easy out that doesn’t involve actual governance, but that’s where it’s headed.


Well it takes two to tango. The Democrats are just obstructing things and preventing freedom and 'Merica from shining through again on eagle’s wings like Jesus would want.


Yea, but it would end in Trump throwing a tantrum and that would be good. :)

Besides, only his base (and I am not sure they believe it) agree with him that it is a national emergency.