US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I am sure Trump is trying to keep Jesus out of the country with his wall.


We need the tantrum on video since he’s completely denying the one he threw yesterday in the Schumer/Pelosi meeting. Would have loved to see him hammer his fist down on the table and stomp off like a toddler. “Not fair!! Harumph!!”


A national emergency declaration would also set a terrible precedent and be somewhat tyranny-adjacent.


I mean - he can legally declare the emergency… there isn’t really anything that defines what an emergency is and when the President can declare it.

But what he can actually DO with the emergency powers is more murky. It isn’t clear at all that he can use the military to seize land and build a wall.

But the overarching point is that the precedent is really terrible.


I’d guess it’s all but certain he can’t use the military to permanently seize private property, no matter how many emergencies he declares.


One would hope the transparently idiotic statements by Trump himself, and his own counsel’s office would sort of hurt them in court challenges as well.

If you’re a judge trying to determine if an emergency state such as described exists and warrants executive action as taken, I’m going to guess Trump saying he’s going to do it because he can’t get anything done with congress isn’t gonna help.


The claim that Mexico will pay is still on Trump’s website today:

It’s an easy decision for Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-
10 billion to ensure that $24 billion continues to flow into their country year
after year

Of course reality has a liberal bias, so you probably shouldn’t believe it.


That would require admitting that Jesus wasn’t white.


Wait, so he didn’t have a long face, hazel eyes and straight, flowing auburn hair? ;-)


If an emergency declaration is shut down by the courts, then it would set a great precedent. Because courts value precedent a lot more than presidents do.


A rational insurgency implementation could also eject a terrible president!


This shutdown is going to affect me greatly if it goes on much longer- Not in that I work for the fed, but that I travel every single week between CO and WI. If i get stuck in either place because of a TSA walk out I’m going to be livid.

Fucking Mitch McConnell. Can’t the universe do me a favor and have him drop dead?


I like this, they should name the bill the “Increasing border security and immigration reform bill” and just have him turn that down.


Well, my wife, daughter and I all work seasonally for the IRS. My daughter was to have started last Monday, I probably would be starting next Monday and my wife would be a week after that. Both their unemployment has run out and mine runs out in 3 weeks. So we will be feeling the shutdown pretty soon.



I’m supposed to travel back to Chicago from Portland next weekend for my kids birthday.

Fucking livid wouldn’t begin to describe it. Cocaine Mitch should be glad that it is the entire length of the country from me to him, because I would literally beat the shit out of him were i to see him in person.

You do not mess with me spending time with my kids.

I don’t Facebook, partly because I don’t feel like constantly fact checking my many GOP family members political BS. I’ve no interest in just being there to argue. But if I miss time with my kids, or god forbid my wife’s due date? I suspect there are a number of family members for whom I would permanently no longer be on speaking terms after that.


For me it’s my wife in one state and my kids in another. My crazy life of back and forth travel is something I am cool with and gotten used to. Interruption of that will fill me murderous rage.


My son’s fiancé works for the FDA so she is exempt but none of the projects she’s assigned to are exempt (semi-surprising as it’s all related to the opioid epidemic) so she has to be at work but is not allowed to do any work.

A million times better than being furloughed for sure, so she’s fortunate, but it feels Kafkaesque.


Hey, you and I are in a similar place then. Only difference is wife and kids are in the same place for me. And she’s due at the end of February.

I would cold cock anyone who had the audacity to blame the Dems for it in my presence.


Man, I was three states away from my wife and kid for like two months and it almost destroyed me. If I got the rug pulled out from under me seeing them at the end of that period, I would have very possibly done something irresponsible.