US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


I had thought so but just saw this:


Time is a goddamn flat circle


Oh my god.


Well mark one more down for the ‘we live in the Matrix’ theory.


That is scary.


I feel like this was like some people in the future trying to send us a warning in order to avert disaster, ala 13 Monkeys, but they arrived too early and this was the best they could do.


Would someone wake us up from this nightmare already?

I mean, why doesn’t the DNE just go ahead and declare the national emergency (which will immediately be tied up in the courts till we can elect a sane person for Prez), McConnell ends his resistance to funding the government (because the “Wall” issue is “solved”) and everything can go back to at least “less shitty”?


Not until Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter get EXACTLY what they want.


All of the human infants they can eat?


Why the hell is it possible for the Senate majority leader to simply refuse to bring bills to the floor? What problem did this solve?


It’s the Hastert Rule, which helps the Majority Leader save face by preventing losing votes.


Well you see, the Democrats are just obstructing the process. If they would, umm, well you see, it’s the Democrats. They won’t agree to the wall, so, well, it’s their fault the government is shutdown. It all makes perfect sense.



I can’t wait until the moron tries to divert social security money to building a giant gold statue of Trump next to the Washington Monument.


The ideal endstate of democracy, attained at last!


If I had control of said universe I would gladly grant this favor.


I would absolutely rejoice. One of the worst people born in this country in its history.


The same Hastert that sexually assaulted boys? Sounds like we need to toss that rule out.


I would not dance. Because I do not dance.
I would not sing with joy. Because I do not sing.
But I would also rejoice, with you, and millions of others.
I would cry with joy.

Edit: I would also enjoy just flipping him over on his back. And stopping people from helping him.


No, that’s in the house.