US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?



I see a future where Trump’s wall is built, and then immediately not kept up, abandoned and rendered useless. It will be like a toy you get for Christmas that you forget about by your birthday.

And nobody will give a shit.


Man, I’d love a toy that would keep me entertained for 11 months ;-)


Time to get a PS4 - you could even build walls in Minecrat if the initial joy ever runs out!


Brace for impact, here we go.


What the fuck, is that real?


Yeah, this plays to his crazy base. Everything is so much worse than the LAME STREAM MEDIA says it is. It’s just not being reported, but all you have to do is watch this insane person rant on a YouTube video and you have all the answers.

These are the same people saying that whites are being genocided in South Africa for their farm land. The reason you haven’t heard about it is because the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know.


Up here it’s “Chicago is putting homeless people on $1 bus fares up to Minneapolis to soak up our tax dollars through our cripplingly generous welfare programs!”

Yeah, I’m not talking to my sister much these days.


In fairness, a ton of cities in the US do in fact give homeless people one way bus tickets to other cities so that they don’t need to deal with the problem.


But it takes two to tango. Those homeless people wouldn’t be shipped off to the other cities if they would just stop being homeless.



Well this is going to be interesting.



The town where Trump went yesterday is currently ranked the 7th safest city in the entire country.


Well that there tells you how bad the rest of the American hellscape is. If only the MSM would tell us the TRUTH.


What is the safest big city in the country?

Surprise! It’s the city with the busiest land border crossing in the world.


Why aren’t people asking if this is something pre-planned by Trump and his cronies? It sure seems to me that shutting down the Government is something that aligns perfectly with what he wants… to be in charge of everything with no one to report to and no one to get in his way. You shut it down and more and more people quit to find jobs and you’ve got far less Government.

Is this his and the GOP’s method of conducting layoffs?


If so, it’s the stupidest possible plan (which in no way means it can’t be exactly as you suggest). It seems likely that Trumpland has no idea just how many functions the Federal Government provides. That’s going to become very obvious soon enough, and they’re going to look (even more like) callous assholes when air travel shuts down, tens of millions of poor people are evicted and can’t feed their kids, etc. It’s not at all sustainable, and the pain will be felt by everyone.


No, it’s just incompetence. Trump’s razor.


Just seems like one more thing that benefits Russia. Everything that has happened since he was elected seems to be to their benefit.