US Government Shutdown Watch: 2018 Edition. More Bricks in the Wall?


Yes, but this is why I reject the idea that the Russians are running him. He’s stupid, and they know he’s stupid, and they wanted him to win because they knew his stupidity would be good for them even if they had no control over him. It’s the easiest asset recruiting job and agent running exercise of all time: Help the guy get elected, sit back and watch him be moron, then profit.



It both seems strange and perfectly normal that no one thought to set up a contingency for this, given that we knew a shutdown was pretty likely.


Some of the sites they name like don’t seem to have any issues for me. Fake news?


It isn’t, but some nasa websites like


So, um, what happens if the government forgets/is unable to renew its domain names?


Scammers gonna scam.


He said the group to secure enough funding from its initial GoFundMe supporters to build “at least two miles” along the southern border, which is nearly 2,000 miles long.



Fools and their money are usually parted.


After an intense lobbying campaign by the mortgage industry, the Treasury Department this week restarted a program that had been sidelined by the partial government shutdown, allowing hundreds of Internal Revenue Service clerks to collect paychecks as they process forms vital to the lending industry.

“It seems crazy to me that a powerful bank or lobby gets to bring their people back to do their work,” said Marvin Friedlander, who served as a senior IRS official in the mid-2000s. “How about the normal slob who can’t even pay his rent?”

One employee who was told to come in said the agency was bending the rules.
“I don’t feel like this is a national security issue or falls into any of the guidelines of operating under a government shutdown,” said the clerk, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation for speaking out.

“It’s just wrong,” the clerk added. “If the American people knew that a small group of people was getting paid just to benefit big corporations, I think they’d be pretty mad.”


Trump doesn’t want to “do” a national emergency after all. Somebody must have read him the polling.


Yeah, instead one option, apparently, is to use “civil asset forfeiture” money. This is money stolen from us citizens without due process. But of course our resident libertarian will be fine with that because reasons.


I can’t imagine that would add up to much.


This is how you know it’s truly an ‘emergency’.


Right, which is why they’ll start adding to it right away.


The buck stops with everyone.


More like stop everyone with the bucks.


Longest government shutdown of all time now, over nothing…just sheer incompetence and corruption.


I never really follow KPop.