US Judge: Bush aides not above the law

I bet they’ll appeal.

Sure they will, if only to run out the clock.

Let them run out the clock. Any legal action taken now is going to be facing an exiting Bush pardon. Let Bush out of office and nail the cronies to the wall (not holding my breath, though).

It’s not about any kind of conviction, I’m sure the actions they took with the attorney general staff were pretty much legal.

At this point it’s about stirring up the public and pissing them off a little more about the Bush administration.

I’m suprised that they would pick this issue though, I’m suprised if they think the average voter would care. I’m pretty into politics and even I’m giving this case a big yawn compared to the average shenanigans that the Bush administration has been up to for the past eight years.

I’d personally prefer a good investigation into the phone company misconduct but the pussy congress made this a non-issue themselves.