US Open (golf) 2008

I’m surprised there isn’t already a thread for this, considering some of the insane shots Tiger made on Saturday limping around, or the dramatic way he tied things up Sunday, leading to today’s playoff. I’m not a massive golf fan, but this was some of the most compelling sports I’ve seen this year.

Also: the USGA needs to dump this playoff format. There was so much excitement Sunday, to have it stop cold and play an entire round Monday is just silly.

Epic tiger comeback.

I watched nearly every minute of Sunday’s round. Awesome.

I’d have been happy if either won, but man, Tiger is good at his job.

Great radio today.

I hope his knee isn’t too badly damaged.

Someone in the office managed to find a live feed of the game that wasn’t blocked by our MIS department, and so during the sudden death round, about 10 of us were crowded around trying to make out the grainy jumpy picture. Go Tiger Woods.

I watched some of the live feed too, but the servers must have melted. It got really slow and choppy. I contented myself with the live blog on ESPN. Exciting stuff.

Really amazing that Tiger had to birdie the 18th two days in a row to tie, and he did it. I know it’s a par 5 and a birdie hole for the pros, especially the long hitters, but on Sunday Tiger had to hit out of the rough with his third shot and then sink a tough putt. Today he was on in two and two-putted for his birdie, but it took two good shots to put himself in that position, and he knew he had to birdie. The guy handles the pressure so well.

That eagle putt he made on Saturday was amazing. The ball rolled for 10 seconds. It was in a different zip code by the time it drained into the cup.

Just breaking on the Golf Channel:

Woods is shutting it down for the entire 2008 season. He apparently had a stress fracture in his knee, and will undergo season-ending ACL surgery very soon.

Yes, that’s correct: Woods won the 2008 US Open with a stress fracture in his knee.

And won 9 of 12 tournaments with that injury, including the US Open (and a second at the Masters). Makes you wonder what he would have done if healthy.

Retief Goosen said Tiger was faking it. He half-assedly changed his position after the MRI results.

Retief Goosen said:
After Monday’s 19-hole playoff, Goosen told the newspaper, "It just seemed that when he hit a bad shot his knee was in pain and on his good shots he wasn’t in pain. You see when he made the putts and he went down on his knees and was shouting, ‘Yeah,’ his knee wasn’t sore.

See, here’s the thing, Goose. On all but two of the dozen times Tiger grabbed his knee or grimaced in pain, he actually either hit a fairway, a green, or made a decent shot.

I know we can’t all be Tiger Woods, but there’s no need for kvetching.

You know, Tiger never once said his knee made him miss a shot. He never talked about it other than to answer questions from reporters after his rounds. He never once used it as an excuse. Yes, at times he hit a shot and grimaced, but gee, maybe it really did hurt? His ACL was fucked and he had a stress fracture.

Honestly, I can’t imagine an athlete making less of a serious injury than Tiger did. I don’t think he would have even mentioned it if he wasn’t questioned about it. Goosen is just an idiot. He makes more for coming in 10th in a tournament now because Tiger has boosted the PGA tour. He should be thankful.

Wow. This will be his 4th (?) surgery on the same knee. Hopefully he makes a good recovery.