US recruiting for local draft boards!

The American defence department has begun a recruitment drive for local draft boards, raising questions about a possible revival of conscription.

A notice on a department website invites United States citizens over the age of 18 to volunteer for the boards.

The board members will decide who can be exempted if a draft is needed.

The campaign comes as the US faces questions about the state of its armed forces at a time of costly operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There has been no draft in the US since it was ended by Congress in 1973, the year that US troops pulled out of Vietnam.

Comparisons are increasingly being made between Iraq and Vietnam, where the US became bogged down in a jungle war in an attempt to check the advance of communism in south-east Asia and suffered heavy casualties.

As usual, this hasn’t been reported on American news outlets yet.

Oh look, it’s a Salon article from two days ago! I wonder what it could be about?

Oh, bite me!

Somehow I don’t rank Salon up there with CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, NY Times etc…

First I had heard of it.

How about Dateline Alabama? :lol:

The point’s still a good one. Shouldn’t this sort of thing be huge national news in the US? It indicates that something very big might be on the way, doesn’t it? With the potential to affect the lives of millions of Americans?

Telling people whats up with the draft might make people think that we need more troops, which of course, would only be needed because the terrorists are winning.

Tell me Brett, why do you hate America?

Ah. So suddenly CNN, ABC, etc. are pawns of the Bush administration. The same CNN that ran a live speech of Bush’s while running Democratic counterpoints on a running banner underneath the screen.

Since these guys keep up with things like what the BBC is running, there must be a reasonable logic behind them not jumping on something like this. Either it’s not the big deal that the BBC is trying to make it (with their Vietnam quagmire editorial comment attached) or there’s something more or less to the story. I doubt seriously it’s because ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, etc. are suddenly trying to help Bush out.

I never said they were trying to help bush…Only that a quote from Salon does not cut it with me as a “major US news source”.

Well, bringing back the draft would be one way to get the youth vote out in 2004.

The major US news outlets have conveniently forgotten this for whatever reason.

This is probably just a contingency effort. I can’t believe Bush would reinstate the draft before the election.

I hate the idea of the draft, but if hostilities broke out elsewhere, such as Korea, we might have use the draft.

Except that by the time a draft was instated, people brought in, checked, prodded, stamped, filed and approved, then sent off to training, wouldn’t such a conflict be effectively over by the time the first conscripted soldier graduated from basic training?


I think a rough figure is about 6 months until you start getting troops into the field. Probably more, seeing as how there isn’t much structure in place for the raising of new infantry divisions, and there are probably difficulties with getting equipment, so its probably quite a while if you want to see actual troop levels go up.

And thats not counting the “surly draftee” factor.

I expect the point wouldn’t be (and isn’t right now) to get them into the immediate combat. The point is occupation afterwards. The US military is stretched very very thin, and a lot of the troops in Iraq right now are being kept there far longer than anyone wanted to. That is a majour source of morale problems, and could badly hurt numerous units as the soldiers in them decide to not re-enlist when their current enlistment is over.

A 6-month tour of duty is doable. Afterwards, you get to go home, see your family, eat a cheeseburger, and just enjoy life. Meanwhile, the draftees are filling in where you left. And when the next big fight comes along where the country needs a crack team of military professionals - as opposed to feckless draftees - you’re willing to get back to business.

Ask the amputees profiled in this week’s issue of Time how “doable” that six-month stretch is right now. And I don’t think too many of them are enjoying cheeseburgers right now, what with the months of grueling physiotherapy and all.

I thought it was: “injected, inspected, detected, infected,
neglected and seeeee-lected.”

Similarly, as soon as Time decides to profile survivors of car crashes and makes it plain how many thousands of patriotic liberal God-fearing environmentalist Americans are killed by those devilish instruments each year, we can ban cars as inherently lethal.

Obviously there’s no need to mention people who actually used cars successfully. The fact that cars do kill so many people more than makes up for the minor success stories. And nobody who’s ever been in a car will dare eat a cheeseburger again - they know they’re not allowed to be happy. Survivor’s guilt.

(I gotta hand it to you: you must really have had to work to come up with an argument that silly)

Physician, heal thyself.

If anything, I’d argue that having draftees making up the occupation forces would be far more dangerous. Occupation requires just as much, if not more so, professional approach than simple combat.

You have to teach your soldiers not only how to secure an area, but deal with the citizens in a manner that’s not going to turn them against you while putting just enough respect into them not to come after you if they don’t want you there.

Having been in a PSYOP unit and been around Civil Affairs units long enough, it’s not exactly the kind of position I want surly draftees taking on.

On the plus side, it would severly sour the chances for any politician to vote for military intervention without serious forethought, when any son or daughter of their constituants could be called to sacrifice for their country.