US Transfers Sovereignty To Iraqi Government

To thwart terrorist attacks, the US has transfered power to Iraq days early.

There goes my welcome to democracy party plans.

Did you honestly think Bremmer was going to miss the first showing of Spiderman 2?

^^^^^ Alright, that was a good one.

At last the Iraqi people can taste the free air of military occupation!

That was quite a smart move, as was Bremer’s rapid exit from the country after the announcement.

Can’t blame him for that. Plus it’ll take a bit to make it stateside for the Spidey 2 opening as someone had mentioned.

I think it was a good idea to hand over power early. Hopefully it will put a hold on some terrorist plans to attack, but I’m doubtful that nothing will happen in two days.

Like thieves in the night…

What’s going to be interesting is the reaction of the portion of our population who thought that the “Handover” meant we were pulling out of Iraq, when they discover that there are still US troops dying every day.

Yep, this is certainly bad news, all right! Goddamn US, actually doing what they say they will do! And two days early! Bastards!!

I’m not sure you quite understand the usage of sarcasm as a vehicle for comment …

It is true that I have a long way to go to “enlightenment”.


“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.”

This piece of sarcasm was much better than your previous one.