USA Land of the Free, home of the Torturers?

You know, over the past few decades, our nation has been looking less like a beacon of light and more like a smoldering stump.

There are so many things I could point out but I will just use this point of ethics to highlight the situation. Neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to meditate much on the age old philosophy of ethics but I would like to know what in the hell we are even debating that torture be allowed by our troops and government agencies?

Yes I understand the dilemma. I understand that the information could save more lives etc etc etc but when we act like those we say we are better than, what should anyone trust or believe us?

I think we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Not because I believe in a world where everyone will act nice if I act nice but because I believe that if you are going to be a beacon of light and lead the world into an open and free era then you should lead by example.

That does not mean I don’t believe we need to fight… we absolutely should kill any mother fucker that tries to take away any form of our sacred freedoms. I simply have a different ethical view. Fight if provoked, never be weak and therefore an open target, and always show you are mature enough as a nation and people to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

That is how I feel, dont know how you feel but this has bothered me. We have been listening to the debates go back and forth and yet I don’t get why we are even arguing over it.

Would we dare allow another nation to torture our troops? That is what we open the door to.

At least John McCain is trying to end this crap.

I think being tortured gives people the right idea about America.

Dangerous line… Threatening Mr. Bush on the internets is not considered a clever action. ;)

Dangerous line… Threatening Mr. Bush on the internets is not considered a clever action. ;)[/quote]


I feel this American torture scandal is great. Ultimately, it is these issues that are so fundamentally divisive that end up uniting worthwhile people. From a military strategic perspective, I’d love to see it shut down. From a political perspective, I’d love to see McCain’s key role in that catapulting him to the presidency, in the way that more backasswards issues like campaign finance reform never could.

I’d just like to see you be the good guys again. Not just the ‘kinda-good (except for those few fellows holding the hoods and hosepipes back there) guys’. At the moment you’re better than the the competition but that’s not a difficult thing to do.

I was going to put the eyes-rolling smiley here but changed my mind and will instead call your sentiment misguided with this sentence of words.