USB A to C adapter

I bought an USB C to A cable, since I mistakenly thought my PC didn’t HAVE an USB C port. Turns out, it does, and its one of those fancy ones with extra charge as well, which is perfect for an Oculus Quest 2 to connect with.

I see there are adapters I can use, but was worried it there is any data or power loss when using such a one ? The cable itself is somewhat expensive so would be nice if I could just get an adapter so I can use the cable as USB C to USB C.

Thanks in advance!

Is your cable gold plated?

I kid. There are plenty of cheap USB C cables that are dangerous to use if you pump a lot of current through them.

The cable is the highest quality I could get and rather expensive (Around 65 dollars in Danish Kroner of course), so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I am more concerned with data and power loss through an adapter.

There used to be a Google employee who would rate different manufacturers’ USB C cables. Not sure about adapters. And his account on Amazon is now defunct.

Yeah, if you’re using that then I believe the A standard will essentially throttle the data and power as a bottleneck;
(PC)==(C to A)-----(A to C)–(Oculus 2)
There’s no way for the A to C to grab the extra data and power being held up by the C to A at the beginning of the chain.

Yeah, thanks - that was kinda what I was afraid off. Well, new cable it is :-)

Seconded. This is how it works sadly.