USB desktop hub recommendations?

So my old trusty Anker hub died on my desktop and I am in the market for another one. I haven’t looked at these for a while and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a hub for a desktop as there are far far too many USB connected devices nowadays.

Things I’m looking for:
able to put a bunch of my peripherals from my desktop on them like mouse, keyboard, dongles, etc
at least 2 charging ports
able to connect simultaneously with multiple ports, none of that turn all the rest off when you use port

Thanks in advance.

Are these vanilla 5 GBps USB 3.0 or is the upstream PC a 10/20 GBps capable one? Going into USB4 + ThunderBolt 3/4 territory, things become more complicated.

Like Anker’s:

Anker also has a full 10 port one that’s harder to find/in stock these days that looks nearly the same as the above. $171 CAD it lists here for on Amazon Canada is 4x what it cost MSRP originally and is highway robbery.

There are 10 port hubs with 3 being charge only and most have toggle switches for each port

Or do you prefer this style?

I’d stick with Sabrent, Anker even though they’re all made in the same Shenzhen factories.

What I really want is something like that Anker one (which is basically just the newer version of one I had for ages that died), but with USB-C ports instead of Power-IQ. It’s really annoying that almost all USB-C hubs seem to be designed for laptops and have really short built-in cables. And even those tend to have at most two USB-A ports.

I use this:

OWC Thunderbolt Hub - Add Three More Thunderbolt (USB-C) Ports

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

I use this, 1.2m with 4 usb A ports. Works great.

I had a ton of issues over the years with USB hubs that connect over USB A, even 3.0 ones, regardless of whether they were powered or unpowered. Switching to USB C hubs seems to have sorted every issue I’ve encountered.

Which one?

I’ve offloaded the charging of things like iPhone and iPad to a power only USB desktop charger.


I do the same. I use belkin magsafes for most things so I can sort out the charging much easier.