USB mic recording question

I’ve been using a USB mic/headset for Skype calls and other voice recording stuff with no problems until today. But for some reason today when I try to use two different USB microphones, all I am able to record is ear-splitting static. I’ve tried re-configuring both mics, but nothing seems to work.

Any idea why something like this would suddenly go wrong? My soundcard seems to be working fine otherwise.

A USB mic or headset doesn’t use your soundcard at all, so whether that works or not doesn’t have any bearing on it. It sounds like you might have switched the inputs around though, so it’s recording from the soundcard input rather than the USB mic in.

Have you ever had success recording with multiple USB headsets before? Sometimes USB audio devices like that don’t like to play nice with each other.

This USB mic has always worked just fine before, and it’s working just fine with my Powerbook - but it and another USB mic I have just seem to have stopped working with my PC today. I am absolutely baffled. When I use them now all I hear through the headphone is a kind of tinny hiss, and all that it will output is a cacophany of tinny white noise.

I found the problem - fucking X3box 360 wireless gaming receiver for Windows was screwing everything up. Unglugged it and restarted and it now it works fine.

Thanks again, MS!