USB scare

My computer has been acting up lately. Last week, it got stuck on the BIOS screen; I pulled out the ram, dusted the computer and put the ram back in – that seemed to fix it. Today, I unplugged a USB flash adapter and the computer turned off. Should I be worried about this?

Although I have no idea why it would do that, try it again and see if it does it again. It could be a power issue (maybe the voltage jumped when you took the device out for some reason and caused your PC to shit itself…)

I have heard of usb devices - flash ram sticks - that smoked a motherboard.

On the two occasions I have hooked up usb headers to the actual ports on a panel myself, I have found that actually plugging in the grounding header makes the usb either totally unreliable, or the system won’t turn on at all.

So, if you did all that yourself and your usb internal wiring has separate female pins for each wire, pull out the female pin for USB ground and see if that helps.

This could be really awful advice, but I don’t think the juice involved in USB is anything to worry about. Your Mileage May Vary or Result in DEATH.

This is a good example of the kind of advice you get on the internet where it is better to ignore… Nothing personal Rob, but pull the pin out? Yeow!

It’s a USB port on the motherboard itself. The voltage thing seems likely, now that you mention it. My computer room is super static-ky, I’ve been shocking myself left and right the past couple of days. Maybe I should get a humidifer?