USB to AC adapter plug question for iPhone

We’re about to head out on the road, and I cannot find the USB to AC power thingie that I use to plug my iPhone cable into the wall for charging.

I assume the adapter I have for my Kindle USB cable will work fine for my iPhone cable also, right? Just want to check to be sure before frying my iPhone.


It should work and it won’t fry it.

Yup. Works fine. To keep packing light, I use one of those plugs for all my needs. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

I can’t speak to the long term health of the batteries as I have heard of trouble with Blackberries charging off of “non-standard” chargers, but I’m not sure how true it is…and, let’s face it, we don’t own these devices for the “long term” ;)

USB standard power is the same across *nearly all charging USB equipment. There are variances allowed on the spec, but for the most part you should be fine.

Like biosc1 I use a single USB to wall plug, and just change the device I’m charging as needed. They make these for international use as well, making them extremely convenient.

Now if only they would standardize on the equipment side plug, we would only need one cable.

Next-best thing.

You won’t fry it…if the tolerances are off you might get really, really slow charging. That’s more a blackberry issue, though.

Reading through my new motherboard’s manual, it has a special quick-charge mode for iOS devices. Amusing.

Ipads (and most other tablets) won’t charge on most PCs, because they don’t supply enough juice on the USB ports. That used to be a real bummer, but now that we have wireless sync, it totally doesn’t matter.