Used PC Component Pricing?

I have a GeForce 6600GT I am going to sell to a friend but I have no idea what a reasonable price is. I don’t want to rip her off, but I don’t want to short myself either. It looks like these days they retail for about 150 bucks.

The card only got used for 3 months or so; I bought it as a stopgap because my old card was fried.

If you have an ebay account, you can see what 6600GT’s are selling for. Look at the completed auctions for the last 30 days worth of sales.

6600GT AGPs have a peculiar higher retail ebay value because they’re dual DVI, which has some value to certain markets. I sold my AGP 6600 GT for 150 - nealry a 50$ increase at the last minute - to some guy in florida whom claimed to be a web and graphics designer.

But to be nice, i’d say 100$. 75$ if you like her.

Don’t give her such a lowball price. $100 at the least, unless there’s some prospect of you boning her.

wtf, mog? Sweet guys don’t get the girls. Only if he charges her the full $100 and makes it clear that he’s doing her one big gorram favor for charging so little and that she’s damn lucky to have him as a friend does he have a snowball’s chance.

Just ask yourself: What would Bill do?

“Dude, you’re either a nice guy, or a chump.”
[indent]“There’s a difference?”[/indent]
“Nice guys eventually get laid for their efforts…eventually. Chumps don’t.”
[indent]“Ah. . . . Guess I’m a chump, then.”[/indent]

Not sure where I heard that one…but that’s neither here nor there. :-)

Anyway, I typically sell my used hardware for 2/3 its current market value if it’s still under warranty, less if it’s not. But that’s just my personal rule of thumb.

I have a few cubic meters of hardware taking up space in the garage. Various sticks of RAM (already stuck as many as I could in printers), 3-4 power supplies, etc etc. At any given time the last few years I could probably knock together two PCs and give them away.

I stopped doing it because I ran out of family members. I wouldn’t even consider selling some of the stuff (sometimes would buy stuff, too lazy to ebay when I didn’t like it) to someone I know because if anything goes wrong, you’re the pendejo they try to get to fix it. Say you sell em a spare monitor you had. Now if their internet goes bad, you’re the guy they go bug. It must be your fault cause it worked before they plugged that monitor in.